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“COMO FUN”: only the best of the NERD world!”

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“COMO FUN”: only the best of the NERD world!”

The fourth edition of the “HOW FUN”, the great party open to all that hosts only the best in the world nerd.

This immense fair dedicated to comics, gaming and pop culture boasts a large exhibition space, being able to extend over the 3 pavilions of Lariofiere, located in Erba (CO).

Thanks to the numerous stands of exhibitors in the sector, activities and live shows, visitors can buy their favorite manga, but also admire the best cosplays, walk through the cities of Lego bricks and participate in workshops and conferences.

Nell’area retrogaming it is possible to take a nostalgic dive into the past thanks to the presence of more than 50 vintage consoles and 70 original arcade cabinets from the 80s and 90s. It is also possible to retrace the history of information technology backwards through a path that includes systems from all eras, providing a cross-section of culture and technology curated by Retrocampusthe association that safeguards and preserves the history of information technology in Italy.

A very rich program marked these two days of the event, with numerous guests linked to the world of comics, including: the singer-songwriter of the theme songs that marked our childhood Giorgio Vanni; the historical face of Art Attack Giovanni Muciaccia; the genius of laughter Maccio Capatonda; the famous actor Mads Mikkelsen; the beloved voice of Bulma and many other characters Emanuela Pacotto; the voice actor of Draco Malfoy and Light Yagami Flavio Aquilone; one of the most successful content creators in the Pokémon world Federico Profaizer, aka Federic95ita, and many others.

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Another strong point of the fair is certainly the area dedicated to board games, where you can find dozens of tables where you can try the most famous board games and the most engaging role-playing games for free; but above all the area dedicated to “games from times gone by” where it is possible to try your hand at games from the past.

If you want to “escape” the usual routine and are passionate about pop culture and everything related to manga, anime and gaming, don’t miss the next autumn event which will be held in October!

Check out their site www.comofun.it to stay updated and to see more photos of the event.

Now I’ll tell you what this edition of Como Fun was for ME.

It was an opportunity to meet again with many exhibitors in the sector that I am fond of, since they are somewhat of a point of reference for collectors of trading card games and beyond.

But above all it was the opportunity to meet in person some artists that I only knew virtually through Instagram, allowing us, so to speak, to escape from the virtuality that today characterizes our existence a little too much, returning to the concept of “meet in person and see first-hand”.

I feel like making a small aside at the end of this article since it is not linked to Como Fun, but it is a plague that unfortunately affects almost all events of this type.

When you participate in these events, you may happen to come across individuals in the car parks or near the entrances to the fair who, with some excuse, try to sell you gadgets, perhaps even anime-themed ones. Don’t buy from them! These are scammers who are there for the sole purpose of extorting money from visitors by taking advantage of their passion.

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So be careful!

Until next time

Laura Villa

IG: @la_casa_di_pikachu

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