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Complaint about a parking fine | Magazine

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Complaint about a parking fine |  Magazine

A man received a ticket for parking, but immediately appealed.

Izvor: Facebook/Chris Burton/Screenshot

Chris Barton, (42) from Great Britain, won a court case against a local city council. Chris received a £60 (about €70) parking ticket outside Fairfield Hospital in Bury. Chris went to check where the parking sign was anyway and saw that there were two signs posted on the street, one completely covered by trees and the other not facing the road.

He first filed an appeal against the sentence, but the court rejected it. At that point, Kris set out on a mission to prove that the punishment was unjust.

“If they had accepted my appeal, I wouldn’t have even gotten involved in this, but since they rejected me, I started researching and found out that traffic signs, specifically the letters ‘P’ (parking) have to be a certain size by law“, stated Kris.

“One night I went around with a light and a tape measure and measured all the signs. It took me about seven hours, but it was worth it in the end. Instead of the predicted 20 centimeters, the mark was only 14 centimetersso 30 percent less than stipulated by law”he said, writes Jutarnji list.

When he appealed again, Northhampton District Court ruled that the wrong parking ticket should be overturned.

“My case will go down in history. Whoever has a parking ticket in the city should consider complaining about illegal signs”Barton concluded.

A spokesman for the city council said that he believes that this issue refers to a small number of signs that are in parking zones for tenants only, and not to parking signs in general.

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“A vast number of signs across Bury are fully compliant with national regulations and any that are not will be rectified,” said the spokesman.

(Jutarnji list/MONDO)

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