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Conspiracy theorists claim that Brigitte Macron is a man

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Conspiracy theorists claim that Brigitte Macron is a man

France’s First Lady a man? Emmanuel Macron gay? And in the grip of the Rothschilds? After the accumulation of the wildest fake news, the French president goes on the counterattack for the first time.

Stefan Brändle, Paris / ch media

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron.Image: keystone

Emmanuel Macron has long attracted conspiracy theorists. Before his first election in 2017, a false report circulated that the ex-Rothschild banker remained committed to the Jewish banking family: As president, he earned too little money to be able to pay the high taxes of his lucrative Rothschild years.

A rumor later surfaced that Macron was in a liaison with the director of Radio-France, or even more so, that the two men were a couple. Even former President Nicolas Sarkozy rumored that the new president had something “androgynous”.

Recently, the president has been indirectly attacked: on popular internet addresses, his wife Brigitte is considered “trans,” meaning she was originally a man. Now Macron no longer wants to keep quiet about the hostility: To protect his family, he is now taking legal action against the “weirdos” (“fadas” in French), he said in front of the cameras. Brigitte Macron has ensured that the trial for breach of privacy, scheduled for 2025, will take place in mid-June this year. In fact, photos of the young woman and her three children from her first marriage leave no doubt about the gender of the “Première Dame”, who is almost 25 years older than her presidential husband.

Two women at the origin

The originator of the Brigitte Macron rumor is a French woman named Natacha Rey, who calls herself an “independent journalist”. She does not want to take part in the trial because she has cancer. She was helped to spread her unsubstantiated theory across the planet by the American Candace Owens, a Trumpist whose Twitter account is linked to the Russian embassy in the USA.

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Years ago, political friends of hers had already outed the former American First Lady Michelle Obama as the alleged man. The French social researcher Laurent Cordonier identifies a conspiracy axis of right-wing extremist and Russian networks behind these rumors. “These circles castigate the decadence of the world elites, who supposedly support migrants, Jews and LGBT people and threaten Christian civilization,” Cordonier told the France-Culture broadcaster.

According to other experts, the personal attacks on the Macrons are a lesson in political disinformation: the thicker the spread, the more likely the fake news is to be believed. At least there is confusion as to what is still true. This creates a breeding ground for propaganda and conspiracy theories of Moscow origin.

Russian hacker groups are particularly fond of attacking France. On the one hand, Paris is seen as an unreliable link in the NATO chain, but is currently taking a tough course against the Kremlin regime. According to intelligence reports, Moscow even fueled the bed bug hysteria in Paris to target the Summer Olympics. (aargauerzeitung.ch)

Macron cheered

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Macron cheered

With the election of Emmanuel Macron as the new president, the French have averted a shift to the right and an existential crisis for the European Union.

what: epa/epa / christophe petit tesson

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