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Contents of Google’s evolved conversational AI “Gemini Advanced” and steps to start using it | WIRED.jp

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Contents of Google’s evolved conversational AI “Gemini Advanced” and steps to start using it | WIRED.jp

The current usage fee for AI Premium is $20 per month (2,900 yen per month in Japan), and a two-month free trial is available. Then, when you reload your browser tab, Gemini Advanced will appear as a new standard chatbot feature at the top of the page.

Gemini Advanced is also available through a smartphone app, but Android devices will be the first to use it. All you have to do is download the “Gemini” app, which has just been released on the Google Play Store.

If you have an Android smartphone, you can also switch Google Assistant to Gemini. Gemini Advanced is available on iPhone through a browser, but not yet through an app. Apple device users will want to wait until Google makes Gemini available through the Google app, rather than Gemini’s own app.

How is it different from the ChatGPT Plus plan?

What is different from OpenAI subscription? First of all, with ChatGPT Plus, you can use the advanced LLM “GPT-4” and also try ChatGPT’s beta features ahead of its general release.

Gemini Advanced, on the other hand, gives you access to Google’s latest AI models and new features, as well as all the features included in your Google One subscription. The $20 monthly fee (2,900 yen per month in Japan) includes 2TB of cloud storage and advanced editing features such as “Eraser Magic” in your photo albums.

Google says it will integrate Gemini into Gmail and Google Docs and make it available to AI Premium subscribers. However, the release date for this feature has not yet been revealed.

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I previously tried out Bard’s features in Gmail, and while the initial results were mixed, I could see it showing promise. It will be interesting to see whether the upgraded LLM will make it easier to find old emails from an inbox full of unread emails.

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