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Contribute BRICS Strength to Global Development Cooperation – China Daily

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Contribute BRICS Strength to Global Development Cooperation – China Daily

On August 27, 2018, the expansion project of the TCP terminal yard in the Port of Paranagua, Brazil.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Peng Hua

Contribute BRICS strength to global development cooperation

On June 1, 2022, local employees work on a refrigerator production line in the Hisense South Africa Industrial Park in Cape Town, South Africa.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Tianran

Contribute BRICS strength to global development cooperation

People take part in a Chinese Tai Chi learning activity in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on January 25, 2020. Photo by Leo Barillari (Published by Xinhua News Agency)

Contribute BRICS strength to global development cooperation

On November 22, 2021, in Dea Township, Northern Cape Province, South Africa, the wind turbines of the Dea Wind Power Project operated by China Longyuan Power Group South Africa Company are running.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Tianran

The 14th BRICS Leaders’ Meeting and the Global Development High-level Dialogue were successfully held a few days ago and achieved a series of pioneering, leading and institutional results. Global Security Initiative, Global Development Initiative, BRICS Partnership for New Industrial Revolution, “BRICS+” model… As this year’s BRICS presidency, China is leading the BRICS cooperation to a high-quality development stage, in order to be in a new stage of development. Injecting stability and positive energy into the world in the turbulent and changing period, and contributing Chinese wisdom and Chinese solutions to solving global development problems.

Russian Ambassador to China Denisov——

“An important force that cannot be ignored on the international stage”

Our reporter Qu Song

Russian Ambassador to China Andrei Denisov said in an interview with this reporter recently that 2022 is the “Year of China” for the BRICS. Thanks to China‘s efforts, more than 70 events of various types have been held. The current international situation is complex and volatile. The BRICS countries strengthen cooperation based on the spirit of mutual respect, justice and equality, practice multilateralism, and the BRICS leaders with the theme of “building high-quality partnerships and jointly creating a new era of global development”. The 14th meeting has received extensive attention from the international community.

In 2020, when Russia held the rotating presidency of the BRICS countries, the BRICS countries formulated the “BRICS Economic Partnership Strategy 2025”. Denisov said that this document provides important guidelines for promoting BRICS cooperation in trade, investment, finance, digital economy and sustainable development, and will help promote the economic development of BRICS countries. In his view, the BRICS New Development Bank has continued to expand its staff and its institutional influence has continued to grow; the BRICS Joint Committee on Space Cooperation was formally established, and the data sharing and exchange of remote sensing satellite constellations started; the BRICS Energy Research Cooperation Platform has been launched. A number of research reports were released to strengthen the influence of the BRICS countries in global energy policy; the BRICS vaccine research and development center was launched, and the BRICS Health Ministers Meeting agreed to start the BRICS countries to prevent large-scale infectious diseases early warning system related work, It will help the BRICS countries unite and cooperate to fight the epidemic and jointly safeguard people’s health and safety…

Denisov said that the BRICS countries have engaged in dialogues on hot issues such as peace and security within relevant mechanisms, and held meaningful discussions on counter-terrorism, safe use of information and communication technologies, global and regional and national security threats. The joint efforts of the countries will effectively promote the resolution of global security issues.”

“The total economic volume of the BRICS countries has accounted for 25% of the world‘s total, and has developed into an important force that cannot be ignored on the international stage.” Denisov said that in 2021, the BRICS foreign ministers passed the “BRICS on Strengthening and Reforming Multilateralism”. System Joint Statement, arguing that global governance should be made more inclusive, representative and participatory in order to promote deeper and more meaningful participation by developing countries and LDCs, especially African countries in global decision-making processes and structures , and make global governance more in line with contemporary realities.

This year, the foreign ministers of the BRICS countries emphasized that in the face of the new features and challenges of the current international situation, the BRICS countries should strengthen solidarity and cooperation and work together to deal with them. Denisov believes that strengthening cooperation among BRICS countries will help promote a more inclusive, representative and democratic global governance system, and promote greater participation of emerging market and developing countries in global decision-making. “BRICS+” cooperation attracts more emerging market countries and developing countries to join, which reflects the BRICS spirit of openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation, and also contributes to global peace and development.

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Teixeira, former special economic adviser to the Brazilian president

“A model of true multilateralism”

Our reporter Wang Hailin

“The BRICS countries are an important force leading the growth of regional and even global economic and trade.” Alessandro Teixeira, former special economic adviser to the Brazilian president, said in an interview with this reporter recently that the BRICS countries have a momentum of cooperation in the economic and trade field. Good, it has made important contributions to promoting global economic recovery and high-quality development.

At the 12th BRICS Economic and Trade Ministers’ Meeting held not long ago, the BRICS countries agreed to strengthen cooperation in the fields of digital economy, trade, investment and sustainable development, supply chain, and the multilateral trading system. Teixeira said that the current international situation is complex and changeable, and risks and challenges have increased significantly. BRICS countries continue to expand practical cooperation in the field of economy and trade, and maintain the security and stability of the global industrial chain and supply chain.

The just-concluded 14th BRICS Summit was themed “Building High-Quality Partnerships to Create a New Era of Global Development”. Teixeira said that the cooperation goals of the BRICS countries are highly compatible with the global development initiative proposed by China, and the cooperation prospects are very broad. “The Global Development Initiative has provided China‘s solution to the global development dilemma, which has been widely responded by the international community. More than 100 countries and international organizations have expressed positive support attitudes, which is of great significance.” He said that he expects China to lead the international community to focus on development issues , to contribute more Chinese wisdom and strength to the promotion of global development.

In May this year, the BRICS Space Cooperation Joint Committee was officially established, which will guide the BRICS remote sensing satellite constellation cooperation to better serve the economic and social development of the BRICS countries, and promote the BRICS countries in the fields of environmental protection, disaster prevention and mitigation, and response to climate change. Brick countries space agencies to carry out higher-level cooperation to achieve efficient data sharing and effective use. Teixeira said that space cooperation is one of the important areas for the BRICS countries to strengthen scientific and technological cooperation. It is expected that the BRICS countries will give full play to the effectiveness of constellation data and make new contributions to the strategic cooperation of the BRICS countries.

In recent years, the practical cooperation in the field of infrastructure construction among BRICS countries has been deepening. The second-phase power transmission project of Brazil’s Meilishan Hydropower Station built by a Chinese company is building Brazil’s “electric highway”, which will benefit 10% of the Brazilian population. Teixeira said: “China‘s UHV transmission technology has greatly improved Brazil’s transmission capacity and reduced transmission losses. It is a microcosm of the BRICS cooperation mechanism to promote interconnectivity and enhance cohesion.”

Global poverty and food security problems remain serious. Teixeira said that China actively participates in global poverty governance, continuously deepens exchanges and cooperation in the field of poverty reduction, helps more developing countries get rid of poverty through sustainable development, and provides Chinese solutions for global poverty reduction.

At present, the global economic and social development and security situation are facing complex and severe challenges. Teixeira believes: “BRICS cooperation is a model for practicing true multilateralism, which will promote better participation of emerging market countries and developing countries in global governance.”

Troyo, President of the New Development Bank

“Contribute an important force to the recovery of the world economy”

Our reporter Zhang Penghui

“The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has set ambitious global development goals. President Xi Jinping put forward a global development initiative last year, which has attracted the attention of the international community to development issues. The goal will inject new impetus.” Troyo, President of the New Development Bank, said in an interview with this reporter that the cooperation between the BRICS countries has broad prospects, and the New Development Bank will continue to focus on sustainable development projects and support countries in solidarity and cooperation to achieve common development.

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Troyo believes that China, as the world‘s second largest economy, has had a more optimized economic structure and stronger technological innovation capabilities in recent years. All parties in the international community have continued to deepen their economic exchanges with China and continue to benefit from China‘s development. China is one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world. China‘s development has provided huge opportunities for countries in the world, including emerging market countries and developing countries.

“It is thanks to the foresightedness of the leaders of the BRICS countries that the New Development Bank has achieved remarkable development results,” Troyo said. Since its inception, the NDB has approved 85 projects totaling more than $31 billion, focusing on areas such as transportation, water and sanitation, clean energy, digital infrastructure, social infrastructure and urban development. In May this year, at the annual meeting of the New Development Bank Council, the second overall strategy of the New Development Bank (2022-2026) was approved. In the next five years, the New Development Bank will provide 30 billion US dollars of financial support to member countries, of which 40% of the funds will be used to slow the process of climate warming. At the same time, the NDB will also set up a regional office in India to work closely with the NDB headquarters to contribute to economic growth and sustainable development in South Asia.

Troyo said that the BRICS countries have huge potential for development. In recent years, the BRICS countries have contributed 50% of the world economic growth. “The New Development Bank is a useful supplement to the existing multilateral and regional financial institutions, and provides impetus for the development of developing countries. This also reflects the increasing contribution of emerging market countries and developing countries to the world economy. Willingness to have a greater voice in global governance and development affairs.” Troyo said, hoping to build the NDB into a platform for effective cooperation among the leading development banks and economies in emerging market and developing countries.

Looking ahead, Troyo believes that, considering the economic scale, development dynamism and contribution to global demand, the BRICS countries will be one of the important driving forces for the global economic recovery. “China actively promotes cooperation among BRICS countries and cooperation between BRICS countries and the New Development Bank. China has contributed an important force to the recovery of the world economy.”

South Africa’s Deputy Director-General of Foreign Affairs Sukraal——

“Responds to the voice of the majority of the world‘s people”

Our reporter Zou Song

“The BRICS cooperation mechanism conforms to the expectations of people of all countries for common development, and will help promote the global development process.” Anil Sukral, Deputy Director-General of the South African Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in an interview with this reporter a few days ago, I am glad to see that in the BRICS “China Year”, China adheres to multilateralism and actively calls on the international community to pay attention to development issues. “This is a re-clarification of how to deal with complex global challenges and highlights that China is leading the BRICS cooperation mechanism. important role in the development and improvement of global governance.”

This year, China holds the BRICS presidency and innovatively held the “BRICS+” dialogue event at the foreign minister level. The BRICS foreign ministers and ministers from nine emerging markets and developing countries gathered together. “The ‘BRICS+’ model is an important step in the development and growth of the BRICS countries, which will promote the development of global governance in a more inclusive direction.” In Suklar’s view, the BRICS countries will further strengthen their relationship with emerging market countries and development The solidarity and cooperation of China will help to hedge against the adverse effects of unilateralism and protectionism on the world. “BRICS countries have set up the banner of upholding genuine multilateralism, which will promote the steady recovery of the world economy and help achieve the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. sustainable development goals.”

Sukral said that due to the COVID-19 epidemic and the complex and volatile international situation, many countries are facing a wave of unemployment and poverty. On the one hand, some countries have invested huge sums of money to fuel the development of conflicts, but on the other hand, they are dealing with global challenges. Little action. “China has continuously appealed to the international community that ‘development is the last word’ on bilateral and multilateral occasions. The global development initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping has been warmly welcomed by the international community, which shows that China‘s proposition has responded to the aspirations of the majority of the world‘s people.”

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Sukral is also the coordinator for BRICS affairs in South Africa. He believes that under the BRICS cooperation mechanism, South Africa and China have established a very strong relationship. “Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between South Africa and China, trade exchanges have grown significantly, and now China has become our largest trading partner.” He said that even last year affected by the epidemic and the world economic situation, the total bilateral trade between South Africa and China still increased by more than 35% year-on-year. At the same time, many Chinese companies are investing in South Africa, and some companies are actively expanding their business to the whole of Africa by using the development in South Africa as a platform. “We believe that the strong friendship between the two countries will continue to deepen.”

Next year, South Africa will assume the BRICS chair. “We will continue to work hard on the basis of China‘s achievements this year, and we also look forward to the series of activities to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries next year, which will promote the deepening and solidity of the relationship between the two countries.” Sukral said.

Das Das, Secretary General of the Pondicherry Branch of the India-China Friendship Association——

“Provides an important platform for addressing global challenges”

Our reporter Yuan Jirong

“Strengthening BRICS cooperation is in line with the needs of the development of the times.” Bikash Kali Das, secretary general of the Pondicherry branch of the India-China Friendship Association, said in an interview with this reporter recently: “BRICS cooperation is a response to global challenges. Provides an important platform with impressive results.”

Das has long been committed to promoting friendly exchanges between India and China. He said that the BRICS countries should carry out more people-to-people exchanges. “The five BRICS countries have different cultural traditions, and people-to-people and cultural exchanges will better promote cooperation among the BRICS countries.” He believes that youth exchanges are one of the keys for BRICS countries to build consensus and promote cross-cultural cooperation.

At present, the century-old changes and the epidemic of the century are intertwined, and the factors of instability, uncertainty and insecurity in the international situation are increasingly prominent. The BRICS countries have made important contributions to the global fight against the epidemic. Das believes that the BRICS countries can expand digital and technology-related cooperation, especially in the fields of digital health and traditional medicine. High-quality public goods provided by BRICS countries to promote cooperation in global public health governance”.

Das said that pragmatic cooperation is the endogenous driving force of BRICS cooperation. At present, the realization of the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals faces new challenges. As representatives of emerging markets and developing countries, the BRICS countries have deepened mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields and set an example for the practice of genuine multilateralism.

Das said, “China once again hosted the BRICS leaders’ meeting, opening a new chapter in BRICS cooperation and injecting more BRICS power into global development.”

In 2019, Das went to China to participate in a short-term visiting class for experts from the “Belt and Road” international think tank, and had further research and thinking on China‘s state governance. Das said: “Adhering to the people-centered development philosophy, comprehensively advancing the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, actively addressing climate change, and promoting green and low-carbon transformation… China has always focused on the world‘s development needs and joined hands with other countries to address the global This challenge reflects the responsibility of a major country to promote the common development and progress of mankind.”

[Editor in charge: Zhang Tianlei]

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