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Controversial Harald Eia interview depublished – was Dagbladet deceived?

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Controversial Harald Eia interview depublished – was Dagbladet deceived?

– At the moment I’m reading “Educated” by Tara Westover. It’s an inspiring memoir that really makes me appreciate the value of education and the personal journey of self-discovery and independence. The book touches me deeply and reminds me how important it is to pursue knowledge, not only academically, but also about ourselves and the world around us.

This answer from Harald Eia to Dagbladet Boks column Leselyst got Aftenposten to stumble.

AI tools

They ran the interview through the AI ​​Content Detector from Copyleaks to see if the answers could have been generated by artificial intelligence (AI). This tool has also been used to reveal the plagiarism cases of several Norwegian politicians.

The service concluded that the answers from Eia were probably generated by KI.

Eia tells the same newspaper in a text message that he will talk about the case first in the Tore og Haralds podcast, which has an episode on Friday.

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Dagbladet depublished

On Tuesday evening, Dagbladet also chose to unpublish the interview after Aftenposten made them aware of the KI suspicions.

– If this is true, then we don’t know if it is because Eia feels too big to answer a survey about literature in Dagbladet, or if it is a form of humour, Mads Andersen, Dagbladet’s news editor, tells Aftenposten.

He writes that in that case it illustrates the challenges journalism faces with artificial intelligence.

– The fact that you don’t get an answer from the person you think you’re interviewing is annoying for us. But it is primarily a shame for our readers who are served Chat GPT’s thoughts on literature, and not Harald Eia’s, says the news editor.

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In Dagbladet’s correction log it says:

“Dagbladet was made aware on Tuesday evening that several of Harald Eia’s quotes in the column “Leselyst”, published on 15 April, may have been generated with the help of artificial intelligence. The case was published on 16 April on Dagbladet’s website. The interview was also published in Dagbladet’s paper edition on Saturday 13 April.”

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