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COPEXTEL Introduces Affordable Energy Solutions to Cuban Market

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COPEXTEL Introduces Affordable Energy Solutions to Cuban Market

COPEXTEL Launches Affordable Line of Products in Cuban Market

The engineering services company, COPEXTEL, has recently unveiled a new line of products aimed at providing accessible options in the Cuban market. The equipment will be sold in Cuban pesos at an exchange rate of one dollar for 120 pesos, making them more affordable and accessible to a wider range of the population.

During the presentation of their latest offerings, COPEXTEL showcased a variety of products focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy. This includes solar lights, photovoltaic panel kits with battery backup, rechargeable fans, batteries for tricycles, and solar chargers for mobile phones, among others.

President of Corporación Copextel SA, Yamilet Hernández Fernández, acknowledged that prices continue to be a challenge for some individuals, but she believes these new products provide a positive step in the right direction. Hernández Fernández emphasized their commitment to providing affordable solutions for citizens.

The solar panel systems offered by COPEXTEL are particularly noteworthy, as they are competitively priced, enabling more Cuban households to take advantage of solar energy and reduce their electricity costs. This not only benefits individuals but also contributes to the use of cleaner energy sources.

General Manager of Copextel’s Ecosol division, Clauder Castillo Cortés, stated that their offer focuses on energy efficiency and renewable energy, encompassing photovoltaic panels, solar cells, and LED lighting systems. Castillo Cortés also announced the imminent arrival of fans with solar panels, capable of storing energy for nighttime use. The company believes that these products will be well received by the community and is actively exploring ways to expand their offering in the future.

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By introducing affordable and sustainable energy solutions, COPEXTEL aims to bring about a positive change in energy consumption and management throughout Cuba. Despite the potential challenges related to product cost, the company hopes that this new product offering will encourage the adoption of more efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions among Cuban citizens.

As COPEXTEL continues to prioritize affordability and accessible options, their initiative may contribute significantly to the progress and development of the Cuban market.

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