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Coronavirus, a tsunami-Omicron in the US: over 1 million cases in 24 hours

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WASHINGTON. Over a million infections from Covid-19 were recorded in 24 hours in the United States, where several media this morning speak of a “tsunami” of cases linked to the omicron variant. The latest figure, reported by Johns Hopkins University, far exceeds the previous record of about 590,000 cases set in the US last week and which, in turn, doubled the figure recorded the previous week.

The record of infections outside the United States was reached in India last May 7, with more than 414 thousand infections in 24 hours. The surge in cases in the US would also be underestimated as many Americans rely on do-it-yourself tests and the results are often not reported to the authorities. There Cnn also highlights that the boom in infections is increasing the pressure on hospitals, where more than 103 thousand infected people are currently hospitalized. For the first time in the US in almost four months, hospitalizations exceeded 100,000.

Meanwhile in China, in view of the Winter Olympic Games starting in a month, the authorities continue with the «zero Covid» strategy. Yuzhou, a city of almost 1.2 million inhabitants, where three asymptomatic cases were detected, was put in lockdown last night. As reported by the Guardian, the inhabitants were ordered to stay indoors. In some districts of the city it is allowed to enter but not to leave, while in others neither one nor the other is allowed. In Yuzhou, the public transport service has been suspended and the circulation of cars is prohibited with the exception of means for responding to the pandemic. All shops, places of entertainment and leisure have been closed. Only businesses that sell essential products for daily life can operate. Yuzhou joins Xi’an, in Shaanxi province, where the lockdown has been in force for weeks after the emergence of a few dozen cases of contagion. Mass tests for the population were ordered in Xi’an and dozens of executives, following the outbreak of the Covid-19 outbreak, were punished with the accusation of having carried out “inadequate prevention” work.

The capital ofIndia, New Delhi, will impose a curfew over the weekend to try to curb the spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. This was announced by local authorities as reported by the Guardian also inviting most offices to have half of their employees work from home, including all government officials except those engaged in essential services. Delhi has reported about 11,000 positive cases in the past 8-10 days, of which 350 were hospitalized.

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