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Coronavirus in Russia, Putin received the third dose and an investigational nasal vaccine

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Not only did he undergo the third dose of the Covid vaccine last Sunday. The Russian president Vladimir Putin he also received a nasal vaccine currently being tested in Russia. “I have not heard anything”, assured the leader of the Kremlin, adding “that he had already played sports this morning”, less than 48 hours after the administration.

He was the Deputy Director of Research at the Gamaleja National Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, Denis Logunov, to advise Putin, after the recall with an injection of Sputnik Light, to make a second dose with the nasal product, still experimental.

Coronavirus, too many contradictions of the authorities and distrust in vaccines: because in Russia it is the peak of deaths and infections. Putin’s belated appeal

by Rosalba Castelletti

“Exactly six months after receiving the vaccine, my immune defenses were lowered and the specialists recommended that I undergo a new administration, which is what I did a couple of days ago,” Putin said at a meeting of the government by videoconference.

The nasal vaccine

As for the nasal vaccine, he added, “Logunov asked me to deeply inspire by counting to three as he sprayed the product in one nostril and then the other. Then I sat for a quarter of an hour and it was all over. . Today, after completing these two procedures, I have already trained, so I can confirm that everything is going well. We will then see what the result will be at all levels. “

During the meeting, Putin also renewed his call to be vaccinated, insisting however that immunization must remain voluntary despite the persistent distrust of the Russian population and the increase in deaths. The Russians, he said, must be convinced, not forced.

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Russia, Putin in self-isolation after coronavirus cases in his entourage. Yesterday the meeting with Assad

by Rosalba Castelletti

Had been Aleksandr Gintsburg, director of Gamaleja, to tell him a few days ago that the pandemic will end only if vaccination becomes mandatory. This provision has already been introduced by some Russian regions, starting with Moscow, for certain categories of workers, such as civil servants.

Russia, the new numbers of Covid: deaths tripled. But Moscow remains an open city

by our correspondent Rosalba Castelletti

Russia, the fifth most affected country in the world by the pandemic

Only 37.2% of Russians have been vaccinated to date, according to the specialist website Gogov. While according to official data, with over 9.4 million cases and 267,819 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, Russia is the fifth most affected country in the world by the virus. But, according to data from the Rosstat statistics agency, the toll would be even heavier: the excess deaths at the end of September were already almost 450 thousand.

Russia, Raksha’s complaint: “Data on deaths from Covid intentionally falsified to help Putin win at the polls”

by our correspondent Rosalba Castelletti

In August 2020, Russia was the first country in the world to register an anti-Covid vaccine, Sputnik V, which is awaiting EMA authorization. Meanwhile, the CEO of the Direct Investment Fund (Rdif) said Kirill Dmitriev, the World Health Organization (WHO) will send an inspector to Russia in December for a vaccine authorization.

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