Home World Coronavirus in the world: USA, new cases tripled in two weeks. Biden. “New pandemic among the unvaccinated”

Coronavirus in the world: USA, new cases tripled in two weeks. Biden. “New pandemic among the unvaccinated”

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In the last two weeks, coronavirus cases in the United States have tripled: data from Johns Hopkins University indicate this. The daily average has risen from 13,700 new infections on 6 July to over 37,000 new cases on 20 July. According to data from the New York Times in 14 days there was a jump of 195%, with a 42% increase in deaths from July 20 to 248. Hospitalizations increased by 49% while tests fell by 13. %

“There is a pandemic among the unvaccinated”. So Joe Biden at the town hall on CNN. “Recently there have been 10,000 (for the coronavirus) and 9,000 or more were unvaccinated”, the president remarked, underlining that there is only one answer to this new surge in infections: “get vaccinated”.

Biden: “By the end of August, vaccine for children under 12”

President Joe Biden said that by the end of August, or early September, children under 12 will be able to get vaccinated against Covid. The announcement came during a meeting with the public in Cincinnati, broadcast live on CNN. Meanwhile, children under this age threshold, added the president, will have to wear a mask at school.

Cuba, “dramatic increase” in covid infections, 6 thousand a day

The Pan American Health Organization (OPS) has denounced “a dramatic increase” in Covid cases in Cuba in the last week. “The cases of Covid-19 and the deaths are increasing in Cuba, where many provinces record a dramatic increase in infections”, said the director of the OPS, Carissa Etienne, explaining that the trend had already started before the recent street protests. A “particularly acute” situation is recorded in the tourist province of Matanzas, where the seaside resort of Varadero is located. In particular, in the last week there have been more than 43 thousand cases, a + 21% compared to the previous week. The average of over 6 thousand cases per day is the highest since March 2020.

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