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Coronavirus, the AstraZeneca vaccine changes its name: it is now called Vaxzevria

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AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine changed its name to “Vaxzevria”. The name change was approved by EMA on March 25 following a request from the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical group, according to the website of the European drug agency.

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AstraZeneca “has registered the name”, first generically baptized with the acronym “Vaccino Covid-19 AstraZeneca” and therefore without a real name. “Naming a new drug is a custom and is a process that takes place separately from the regulatory and regulatory approval of the drug itself”, they explained to beraking latest news Health sources of AstraZeneca.

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The vaccine remains unchanged, but the product information, labeling and packaging may look different. The new updated leaflet has also been published on the EMA website. Among the side effects, the very rare cases of thromboembolic adverse events are added.

“A combination of thrombosis and thrombocytopenia, in some cases accompanied by bleeding, has been observed very rarely following vaccination with Vaxzevria. This includes severe cases presenting as venous thrombosis, including unusual sites such as sinus venous thrombosis. cerebral, mesenteric vein thrombosis and arterial thrombosis, concomitant with thrombocytopenia “.

“Most of these cases – continues the leaflet – occurred within the first seven to fourteen days after vaccination and occurred in women under the age of 55. However, this could reflect the increase in the use of the vaccine. in this population. Some cases have been fatal. “

The package insert continued: “Healthcare professionals should pay attention to the signs and symptoms of thromboembolism and / or thrombocytopenia. Vaccinated individuals should be instructed to seek immediate medical attention if they develop symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, leg swelling, pain. persistent abdominal after vaccination. In addition, anyone who experiences neurological symptoms including severe or persistent headache or blurred vision after vaccination or bruising (petechiae) in a different site than vaccination after a few days should see a doctor immediately.

The EMA had stated that there was no evidence of links between the vaccine and thrombosis deaths, but also that it could not categorically rule them out.

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