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Coronavirus today. France, school strike against the “chaotic” anti-Covid strategy

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Regions are pressing the government to simplify life for those who have tested positive for Covid but are vaccinated and have no health problems. The Senate approved the Covid decree which governs, among other things, the reinforced Green pass.

Healthcare workers at work at a mobile Covid-19 test site in Paramount, Calif. On Wednesday, January 12, 2022. (Photo Ap / Hong)
  • France, teachers on strike against the “chaotic” anti-Covid strategy in schools

    French teachers today on strike in protest against the government deemed unable to adopt a coherent policy to manage the Covid-19 pandemic in schools and adequately protect pupils and school staff from infections. “The responsibility of the Minister of Education and the Government in this chaotic situation is total, due to the constant changes of position, impracticable protocols and the lack of adequate tools to ensure the proper functioning” of the schools, the unions argue.

    The organizers expect many schools to close and a very large number of teachers to be banned from work today – about 75% of them in primary schools. Urging teachers not to quit their jobs, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer told BFM TV: “Don’t go on strike against a virus.” In response, the unions said they had called the strike not against a virus, but for the disorganization caused by the test and contact tracing rules, the increased risk of contagion and the shortage of staff masks.

  • French Parliament approves the new anti-Covid rules

    The French Senate has approved the government’s latest measures to tackle the Covid-19 virus, including a vaccine pass, which has met with some public opposition following President Emmanuel Macron’s harsh criticism of the unvaccinated. The Senate supported Covid vaccination measures and legislation with 249 votes in favor and 63 against. The law had already been approved earlier this month by the lower house of the French parliament.

  • In Italy 196,224 cases and 313 deaths

    Slow the growth of new certified swab cases on a weekly basis. On Wednesday 12 January, there were 196,224 cases, up 3.8% compared to last Wednesday, when there were 189,109. This figure has been down since January 4th. The cases are therefore still on the rise, even if the latter is in a marked slowdown. We are in a phase of contraction of the epidemic when the cases are lower than the previous week and therefore the curve of the graph below falls below the value 1. The deaths of the day are 313.

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