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Corridos tumbados singer was murdered after an argument about musical tastes: Prosecutor’s Office

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Corridos tumbados singer was murdered after an argument about musical tastes: Prosecutor’s Office

The Mexican singer of lying down Chuy Montana, shot to death on February 7 in the city of Tijuana, Baja California, had an argument with his acquaintances about musical tastes at a party he was at before the events, which allegedly generated the conflict that led to his death.

This was announced this Tuesday by the head of the Baja California Attorney General’s Office, María Elena Andrade Ramírez, in a press conference in which he also announced that the alleged murderer is already detained and a case has been opened against him.

**Argument at a motel party**

The prosecutor explained that after the murder, information was obtained about a party at the Dubai motel, in the municipality of Rosarito, “where this person, along with his attackers and others were ingesting intoxicating drinks and psychotropic substances”.

He stated that several procedures and searches were carried out. He reported that one of the searches at the hotel found the victim’s identification and a gunshot piercing.

“That is, these people agreed to live together, They rented several rooms in that motel for the effect of drinking intoxicating beverages and consuming drugs,” he said.

“At the hotel, there was a verbal argument and later a fight between the victim and her attackers, which was determined with the follow-up of the investigation, interviews and video cameras, in addition to the evidence found in the room where the events occurred,” he said.

Andrade Ramírez explained that the victim, after the argument, was taken from the motel in a vehicle, and that there is even a video showing that he tried to get out of the vehicle but he was handcuffed and protected by other of his attackers.

**They rule out a fight between organized crime groups**

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The prosecutor reiterated that “the main motive was the fight at this party where there was drug and alcohol consumption and it was all due to differences regarding the victim, because she was a singer.”
“These were songs that one of the aggressors did not like and that situation was exacerbated, perhaps, by the state of drunkenness and drug consumption in which they were, because It is not common that that is why they would have deprived him of his life,” he noted.

He ruled out that it was a narco-party, “because we do not have evidence of organized crime groups, it is not what we have in the investigation,” in addition, he said, he was not hired to play at that meeting, but it was consensual. “They were his friends and acquaintances, it was a friendly coexistence,” he noted.

**Murdered driver continues same investigation**

In the case of his driver, Miguel Pavón, who was his companion at said party and He was also murdered days later with a message supposedly signed by the Arellano Félix Cartel (CAF), the prosecutor noted: “we believe that the same fate of the investigation will follow, these are the objective lines that we have.”

“As for the messages, they are taken into account, we do not discard them, but nor are they decisive for the investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office because many times they can be distractions to divert investigations and until now we have not established that it was a cartel struggle,” he said.

He specified that it was possible to find the identity of those responsible, of which one of them, named Kevin Alejandro “N”, He is already detained for various crimes in addition to being the main suspect in the death of Chuy Montana and the driver, since he is the one who would have shot both to take their lives.

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The so-called corridos tumbados are a musical subgenre derived from the corrido, although they have shades of urban music such as rap, hip-hop, trap and even reggaeton, in addition to The lyrics are explicit and defend different crimes, such as drug trafficking, robbery or use of weapons. (EFE)

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