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Costa Rica Makes Historic Meat Export to Cuba

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Costa Rica Makes Historic Meat Export to Cuba

Costa Rica Exporting Meat to Cuba for the First Time

In a historic move, Costa Rica has made its first-ever export of meat to Cuba. The company Alimentos y Consumibles Costa Rica (Alicori) sent a cargo of 24 tons of meat to the island on August 19, marking a significant milestone in trade relations between the two countries.

According to a report by Prensa Latina, Alicori’s export was facilitated by the Cuban company Consumimport, which boasts more than five decades of experience in executing foreign trade operations. This successful venture is the result of two years of analysis and certification procedures for the slaughterhouse, which is the only approved facility in Costa Rica for meat exportation.

The exported meat, a mix of fresh and frozen products, will be delivered in personalized packages weighing between 800 grams and two kilograms, meeting the specific requirements requested by Cuba. The National Animal Health Center of Cuba carried out inspections and certification, ensuring compliance with the necessary regulations.

Alicori’s Legal Director expressed optimism about the future of this new market, stating that they are confident in the quality of their products and hope to strengthen the commercial relationship between the two countries. Furthermore, Alicori plans to ship other products listed in their catalog to Cuba in the near future.

The Cuban ambassador in Costa Rica, Jorge Rodríguez, highlighted the significance of this milestone, emphasizing Alicori’s confidence in the Cuban market, citing the proximity between the two nations as a contributing factor.

Meanwhile, Cuban leaders have expressed concerns about their country’s meat supply. Currently, the country aims to provide five kilograms of animal protein per capita per month, but in recent years, the figures have fallen significantly, with only 438 grams per inhabitant in 2022 and a further drop to 347 grams in May 2023.

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With this new trade agreement, Costa Rica hopes to contribute to alleviating Cuba’s meat shortage and strengthen the growing commercial ties between the two countries. The success of this first export paves the way for future collaborations and opportunities for economic growth.

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