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Countdown to 2.1 million voters to dismiss the governor: Recapture California | Dismiss Newsom | Sex Education | Epidemic Prevention Order

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[Epoch Times September 13, 2021](Reported by The Epoch Times Los Angeles Reporter Station) Recently, in California, the darkest blue in the United States, a special election to remove the governor has entered the final countdown. Voters who support the recall say they want to recapture California.

California in September is still scorching hot. But just in the past weekend, people in many southern California cities have spontaneously held rallies. They put up a banner “September 14th, vote to remove Newsom”, calling on all Californians to vote and remove the current governor Gavin. Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom). They said that the opportunity to recall the election was hard-won, and Californians finally have the opportunity to change the current predicament. Don’t miss the final voting session and don’t let your previous efforts in vain.

On March 17 this year, California’s “Recall Gavin 2020” (Recall Gavin 2020) campaign collected 2.1 million signatures, far exceeding the 1.5 million signature threshold. Kevin. Kevin Kiley said that the number of signatures collected this time is more than that of any petition in the history of the United States.

At that time, Newsom called it a partisan-led removal on Twitter, and said that the people who signed it were “a group of Republicans, conspiracy theorists, and anti-immigration Trump supporters.” A volunteer voter who participated in the visa campaign responded by saying: Newsom is trying to vilify public opinion. The truth of this recall is: “We are all grassroots. Our people, we want to regain our state. It is said that 38% of the recruits were collected. The signatures are all from Democrats, so goodbye, Newsom.”

A photo sparked public outrage

Since taking office in 2018, Newsom has been dismissed many times by the people, but due to various reasons, he has not collected enough signatures to initiate the recall election. On June 10, 2020, the police officer of Yolo County, Olin. Orrin Heatlie led the launch of the “Remove Newsom” campaign. Although there were many twists and turns this time, the more voters signed up to the end.

According to the regulations, 1.5 million valid signatures must be collected before November 7 in order to initiate the referendum on Newsom’s removal. But on November 6, the California High Court Judge James. James P. Arguelles considered the impact of the epidemic on the event and approved the request for a visa extension, extending the deadline to March 17 this year.

On the same day (November 6), Newsom was photographed sitting and dining with many people in a famous three-star Michelin French restaurant in Napa Valley. In the photo, about ten people, including Newsom and his wife, did not wear masks, and did not maintain the “6 feet social distance” that Californians must observe from time to time.

And just a month ago, Newsom’s office tweeted a recommendation about meals during the epidemic, asking Californians to dine with their relatives and friends, “Keep your mask should be worn between every meal with your mouth open.” on in between bites). At the time, many Californians complained about this suggestion as absurd.

And when the photos of Newsom sitting and dining with relatives and friends without wearing a mask were exposed, Californians who were fed up with being closed at home were all aroused to anger. Although Newsom later publicly apologized for his actions, the number of people who signed to remove him has increased significantly, exceeding 1.5 million a month before the deadline.

Newsom loses popular support

According to a screenshot of a survey form published on the Weasel Zippers website on March 16th, among the signatures from Los Angeles County that support the removal of Newsom, 52.45% of the signatures are from Democratic voters and 24.95% are from non-party voters, only 17.15. % Is from Republican voters.

Ms. Lu, a volunteer in Luo County, said that she discovered during the months of signing that the voters who came out to sign and support the removal of Newsom are no longer divided by party, ethnicity or age. “I have encountered it many times. After many people have signed their names, they will say, “Actually, I am a Democrat.” Newsom is really too popular.” She said.

Among Los Angeles County’s signatures supporting the removal of Newsom, up to 52.45% were from Democratic voters, 24.95% were from non-party voters, and only 17.15% were from Republican voters. The picture shows the Governor of California, Gavin on August 13. Newsom at a press conference in San Francisco. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

In September this year, voter Cynthia said: “Under Newsom’s management, California is heavily indebted, oil prices are the most expensive in the United States, and education levels are the lowest in the United States; the problem of homelessness and crime has become more serious; his various injunctions have strangled businesses and the economy. He Control us, deprive us of our freedom and rights, but run out to parties and so on, so we must choose him.”

The book “Remove Newsom” states that California is the world’s fifth largest economy, but “our poverty rate is the highest, housing prices are the highest, roads and bridges are the worst, and poor students have the worst education.” Almost half of the homeless people in the country are in California, and up to 53% of residents want to leave California. The demographic data for December last year showed that California experienced a population decline for the first time in more than a hundred years of history. The American dream of Californians is dead. In the latest poll, nearly two-thirds of people said that children who grew up in California today will live worse than their parents.

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In June of this year, Brandon, an analyst at the California Policy Center. In an interview with the media, Brandon Ristoff said: “In the past, California was a place where everyone wanted to live, but now California has become a place where people want to leave.”

Small business owners who resisted the epidemic prevention order

California Republican Party Chairman Jessica. Patterson (Jessica Millan Patterson) said in March that since the outbreak, more than 19,000 businesses have closed and millions of Californians have lost their jobs.

During the epidemic, some small business owners resisted the government’s economic closure ban. In April of this year, a restaurant called Tinhorn Flats in Los Angeles County was forcibly closed for insisting on providing outdoor dining to customers during the epidemic. Lucas, the son of the restaurant owner. Lucas Lepejian was arrested three times in a row in six days.

The restaurant released a picture with a picture the day after Le Peijian was released for the third arrest. In the picture, the prisoner thanked California Governor Newsom while walking out of the prison happily (referring to Newsom’s policy of early release of prisoners), while the small business owner was handcuffed and imprisoned.

The caption of the picture reads, “The California government has declared war on small businesses and common-sense citizens in the state. When they (the state government) released more than 17,000 criminals, they called the SWAT team just to stop my family. Sell ​​burgers and beer. In the final analysis, all this has nothing to do with public safety, because (the government is creating) fear and control (people).”

As people supported the restaurant for several consecutive days and protested, on April 10, the Burbank City Government erected an iron chain fence around the Tin Corner House restaurant.

In addition, California’s radical sex education has also caused many controversies. After the school opened in August 2019, the California government issued six sets of new sex education textbooks in accordance with the California Healthy Youth Act (AB329) that took effect in 2015, which have been successively adopted by various school districts.

AB329 requires public schools from kindergarten to K12 to introduce sex education courses, and it is mandatory for California students to take “comprehensive sex education” courses twice in middle and high schools. According to AB329, men and women must teach in the same classroom. In the new textbook “Puberty Talk” (Puberty Talk) provided to students in grade 5 of elementary school, there are introductions to male and female reproductive organs of different shapes.

Tiella, a member of the “Golden Orange Foundation”, a non-profit organization in Southern California, said that the visual shock of this picture will have varying degrees of impact on this child in the early stages of development. Some unacceptable children will cause psychological shadows, and some content may trigger children to explore the “sexual interest” of the reproductive organs of the same sex or the opposite sex. The new version of the textbook also advocates that gender is not determined by physical gender, but by the child’s own feelings. This is also unacceptable for ordinary people.

Among the six sets of textbooks provided by the California Department of Education, two sets of free textbooks for high school students are the most controversial. One of them is “Be Real Be Ready” (Be Real Be Ready), which can be downloaded online. Tila said: “I probably previewed the knowledge about pregnancy prevention in high school, one of the effects of abortion, claiming that abortion is safer than having a child and will not cause physical harm. I think this statement will cause a lot of controversy.”

In August 2020, California passed the AB2218 bill to set up a $15 million fund for transgender people, grant grants to non-profit organizations, hospitals and health clinics, and provide minors with puberty blockers, sex hormones, and sex reassignment surgery.

Laws that favor criminals

In the 2020 US presidential election, a California referendum called the “2020 Crime Reduction and Maintenance of California Security Act” was supported by the California Sheriffs Association (CPCA), which represents 332 police chiefs across the state. The referendum wanted to amend California’s 2014 law to put the tiger back in the mountains-Bill 47, but it failed in the end.

Bill 47 stipulates that theft of less than US$950 is a misdemeanor, and the maximum sentence can only be less than one year’s imprisonment. Because the prison is overcrowded, most criminals will be commuted. Ronald, Chairman of CPCA. Lawrence (Ronald Lawrence) said that organized theft gangs roam around theft. There are even rumors that thieves enter the store with a calculator and calculate the price of the goods, as long as they do not exceed $950, even if they are caught, they can only be regarded as a misdemeanor and will not go to jail. This regulation not only allows thieves to take advantage of loopholes, but also causes law enforcement agencies to lack the motivation to enforce petty thefts.

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In 2014, before Act 47 was launched, car window thefts had been reduced in California for several consecutive years. However, by 2015, it had jumped 15% compared to 2014. By 2017, there were a record 30,000 car thefts in San Francisco, an increase of 24% over the previous year. The official who recommended the reform of Proposition 47 said that since 2014, California’s increase in violent crime has also been higher than in other parts of the United States.

Lawrence said that for the victims, the thieves invade their cars and houses to take away their personal belongings, steal their computers, TVs, golf clubs, etc., is a very painful experience. But in California, unfortunately, these must be faced.

Homeless people ruin Southern California’s second largest attraction

In May of this year, Newsom launched a new US$100 billion “economic recovery” plan, of which US$12 billion was planned to be allocated for reconstruction of existing buildings and resettlement of homeless people.

During the epidemic, Newsom launched housing assistance programs called “Roomkey” and “Homekey”, using federal funds to place homeless people in hotels and motels. These projects also help the counties, cities and other local entities in the state to purchase motels and buildings and convert them into housing.

However, there are more and more homeless people in California. According to a report released by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in March this year, the homeless population of California will exceed 160,000 in 2020, an increase of 7% over 2019.

Venice Beach in Los Angeles was once a famous tourist destination in the world. It used to have 30,000 tourists every day, but now it is full of crime, drugs, fires and a large number of homeless tents. Many homeless tents have propane tanks and camping stoves, which are used for cooking or heating. Drug syringe needles, feces and other discarded dangerous items are often found on nearby beaches.

The deterioration of the community environment has affected local businesses. President of the Venice Chamber of Commerce George. Francisco (George Francisco) said that first-hand information shows that people from all over the world are canceling local hotel reservations. He said that people saw reports about the local area and then cancelled the order.

According to data from the Venice Chamber of Commerce, Venice Beach was once the second largest tourist attraction in Southern California, second only to Disneyland, and 62% of local tourists have an average income of more than $50,000. During the outbreak of the Chinese Communist Party virus (COVID-19), Los Angeles City Councilman Mike. Mike Bonin declared the boardwalk (a mile and a half long commercial and entertainment street) as a sanctuary.

“As a result, a lot of homeless people were sent over from other cities.” said Luis Perez, the manager of a bar on the boardwalk. “I really feel that we have to find a suitable place to house these people, but it is located in a commercial area. The beautiful state park in the district, I personally think, is definitely not a suitable place for shelter.”

Before the virus pandemic, there were police officers on the boardwalk every 10 to 15 minutes. Now, I haven’t seen any police patrolling the boardwalk all day. “We have a group of people who keep sending videos and asking for help, but no police come because the police department has been withdrawn.” Klaus Moeller is a small business owner on the boardwalk. He wrote in an e-mail: In order to accommodate about 200 homeless people (he thinks that only 30 may actually be Venetian homeless people), the second largest tourist attraction in Southern California was destroyed, which is very important for local businesses and residents who pay taxes. Is it fair?

“Now we are at risk of fire, shooting, stabbing and robbery. Everything is shocking.” Moeller said that the area is now occupied by two competing drug gangs that sell drugs to homeless people. “To solve the problem fundamentally, stop inviting nomads from all over the world to come here. Charity should start with family members, please take care of the residents of Venice.”

Black market marijuana is rampant, Nanjia County becomes marijuana township

After the full legalization of marijuana in California, not only failed to curb the cultivation and trade of illicit marijuana, it also provided cover for illegal marijuana, and California has also become the nation’s illegal marijuana cultivation base.

In October 2020, California officially released data. During the three-month marijuana enforcement operation, more than 1.1 million marijuana plants and 20.5 tons of marijuana products were confiscated in 455 cultivation sites.

Counting the results of the operation, law enforcement officers had two surprises. One was that the area where the most illegal marijuana was confiscated was not in California’s famous cannabis town-the Emerald Triangle (including Trinity County and Mendocino in North Carolina). County and Humboldt County), but in the Riverside County of the Southern California Inland Empire.

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The second surprise is that although this year’s law enforcement actions were affected by the epidemic and wildfires, the results have exceeded last year. Less than 1 million marijuana plants were confiscated in the operation last year.

When it was reported that recreational marijuana was about to be legalized in California in 2016, many people came to Riverside County to buy land. According to locals, at the time, in areas like Anza Valley, the land was very cheap, and 10 acres could be purchased for $20,000. After the legalization of marijuana, more people poured into the local area to grow marijuana, and many of them were illegal marijuana growers.

In the Aguanga area of ​​Riverside County, most residents originally moved to seek tranquility and solitude. However, the isolated environment has also made Aguangga an ideal hiding place for illegal cannabis farms. Locals say that in many communities in the mountains, almost all cannabis businesses are illegal. In February 2020, detectives seized more than 9900 marijuana plants, 411 pounds of processed marijuana and weapons from suspicious local illegal marijuana farms, and arrested 4 people.

Business runaway

California’s socialist policies of high taxes, high supervision, and high welfare are driving away more companies.

In December 2020, the billionaire Elon, who founded Tesla and Space X. Elon Musk told the media that he has decided to leave California for Texas. In May 2020, Alameda County, California, where the Tesla factory is located, refused to allow the factory to reopen. Musk said on Twitter: This is the last straw. He criticized California’s closure policy as fascism, and he intends to move Tesla’s headquarters and future projects to Texas or Nevada.

At the end of 2020, Musk said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that California has too much influence in the world, but the power of California is weakening. He likened California to a successful sports team, “a bit complacent and self-righteous, and can no longer win championships.” Musk said that California has won for too long and has taken these companies (staying in California) for granted.

In addition, Hewlett-Packard, which was the first to start a business in Silicon Valley, has also announced that it will move its headquarters to Houston, Texas. Palantir, a leading technology data company, has moved its headquarters out of Silicon Valley to Denver, Colorado.

The AB5 Act that makes people unable to make a living

The AB5 Act passed in California in 2019 strictly restricts the definition of contract workers, making it impossible for many small businesses in California to continue to hire contract workers, and also causing many California residents who wish to work flexibly to no longer be employed as contract workers.

The book “Removal of Newsom” says that Newsom signed AB5 with a swipe, enabling countless Californians across hundreds of occupations, from writers, musicians, translators and interpreters, to educators and healthcare professionals, Even people like birthday magicians and shopping mall Santas cannot make a living in California. Many national companies clearly state in their job applications that they cannot work with freelancers in California.

In early 2020, Kevin. Keely compiled the experiences of Californians whose careers were destroyed by the AB5 Act into a book and sent copies to Governor Newsom and every legislator in the Legislative Council. Keeley said: “I organized a rally on January 29. Hundreds of independent contractors traveled to the California State Capitol from all over the state. I don’t want to condemn the governor, but call on his conscience.”

Keely said, “In our history, there has never been a piece of legislation that shattered the lives of so many people and shaken the foundation of our diverse society.” Now, almost no industry is unharmed. The most vulnerable to AB5 are the most vulnerable groups: the elderly, caregivers, students, single mothers, the disabled, people with health problems or mental health needs, etc. They all rely on independent work.

Keely said that AB5 was written by special interest groups and the purpose of the bill was to eliminate a large non-income sector in the labor force: independent workers whose salaries are not affected by union dues.

Keeley also said: “Once these workers become regular employees rather than independent contractors, hundreds of thousands of new workers will be provided for union organization work.” Senior researcher Li Li of the Hoover Institution. Lee Ohanian called it “a huge political return.”

September 14th was the day when Newsom’s special election was removed. However, the county election offices have gradually opened polling stations two weeks in advance, and every California registered voter will also receive a mailed ballot.

On September 6 this year, the co-sponsor of the “Remove Newsom” campaign, Mike. Mike Netter said at an event that this movement represents public opinion and that only when Newsom is removed can Californians restore a peaceful, safe, and high-quality life.

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