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Coups d’état, the law of series? ~ Mondoblog

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Coups d’état, the law of series? ~ Mondoblog

Welcome to this new back-to-school edition of the Mondoblog newsletter. An edition that can be described as “special” because it brings its share of new features. The summer break is a good opportunity to refresh the general presentation of the newsletter to make it even more attractive!

Here you will find the traditional sections which are the featured post, the selection of notable articles from the past fortnight and our podcast, the Mondoblog Audio.

Among the new features, the newsletter will now highlight the words of a blogger by using a strong sentence written in their blog.
Also, thanks to our “freeze frame” section, Mondoblog will present the photos taken and published by bloggers, to be found in their articles.

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🇲🇦 #Earthquake #Morocco – On the evening of September 8, Morocco was hit by a magnitude 6.8 earthquake. The provisional toll shows 2,900 deaths. The most significant damage was recorded in the High Atlas region, in Marrakech and its surroundings. The Young Maghreb visited Asni, a village where the Moroccan armed forces have set up a field hospital. The blogger says that tents replaced houses, which could not withstand the violence of the tremors. Hundreds of victims have found refuge there and are receiving treatment there.

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Civic movements emerge in different historical and cultural contexts, but are often motivated by social inequalities and injustices. Iconic figures have marked the civil rights movements in Africa like Nelson Mandela, Patrice Lumumba, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Thomas Sankara, Kofi Annan, Wangari Maathai, Desmond Tutu… They continue to inspire and awaken the minds of many young Africans to the importance of patriotism, justice and equality among humans.

Saïba NGOUSMON, Chad


#Putschs #Security – On August 30, Gabon was shaken by a coup d’état, which put an end to the presidency of Ali Bongo Ondimba. The particularity of this putsch is that it was perpetrated by elements of the former president’s close guard, just like the one that occurred on July 26 in Niger. An occurrence which led Paul Kagame and Paul Biya, respectively presidents of Rwanda and Cameroon, to make changes in their security apparatus. As the Congolese analyzes with great humor I am LOVUA.
🔗 Ali Bongo falls, Paul Biya and Paul Kagame tremble#Putschs #LoiDesSéries – The past few years have seen a series of coups d’état in Africa. Before Gabon and Niger this year, Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso also saw the military take power outside the institutional framework. What reality is this series of putsches based on? Aimé DA CRUZ provides the beginning of an answer, wondering who will be next.
🔗 Coups d’état in Africa: the bleeding continues#Poverty #Lebanon – With the political and economic crisis getting bogged down, Lebanon is sinking irremediably into poverty. In Beirut, a phenomenon has gradually taken hold: it is becoming common to see women and men working on the piles of rubbish that litter the city, hoping to find something to survive. A horror show for Nicole HAMOUCHEwho is now considering exile.
🔗 The trash cans of history#Return #Haiti -After seven years spent in the United States, Fertile Feather heads to the Dominican Republic. Even if he doesn’t return to Haiti, he feels at home. The blogger is struck by the contrast between his country of origin and the one where he settles down, which nevertheless share the same island, Hispaniola. He cannot help but regret that Haiti gives so few opportunities to young people, who must settle in neighboring countries to hope for better days.
🔗 From the Dominican Republic to Haiti#Tourism #Chad – The Ennedi is a sandstone massif sculpted by the erosion of wind and water. It contains a multitude of canyons, valleys and rocky peaks which together create spectacular landscapes. The Ennedi is in reality only one of the geological and paleontological jewels abounding in the far north of Chad. Alhadj Ali MAHAMAT invites us to visit this often forgotten region of the Sahara, but full of riches.
🔗 The far north of Chad: a fascinating landscape!


THE Mondoblog Audio (MA) are sound clips that take blog articles from written to spoken. Every week, the Mondoblog team invites a mondoblogger to read one of its articles by recording on their phone. His blog is thus highlighted in the form of a column, halfway between an audio book and a mood post. Find all the Mondoblog Audio on the Youtube channel the RFI.

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Issues relating to gender equality are not seen in the same way everywhere. During a trip to Senegal, the Malagasy blogger Lalah ARINIAINA realized that the notion of equality is not obvious, nor a priority for everyone.

Gone are the days when everyone could express their ideas without being automatically criticized. On social networks, the slightest opinion expressed can provoke controversy, or even an outbreak of violence. A situation that deplores Agnini Stéphane TANO.


At the Bitanda market in Kasai-Central, a child eats tangawisi. This ginger-based drink is very popular in this part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ginger is an herbaceous plant that is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Because we are looking in the same direction, we decided to partner with Iwaria (www.iwaria.com), the free African photos service.
You can populate this image bank with your snapshots taken in Africa.

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