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Covid, dramatic situation in Germany: record of infections and deaths. Europe epicenter of the fourth wave

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The situation in Germany is becoming increasingly dramatic, which records a new record of infections from Covid, where in the last 24 hours 66,884 positives to the virus and 335 deaths have been reported. The weekly incidence on 100,000 inhabitants has exceeded a new threshold, reaching 404.5. This was reported by the Robert Koch Institut. The hospitalization rate is 5.6, still far from the 15.5 last December hospitalized in intensive care for 100,000 inhabitants, but in some regions the health facilities are already at the limit.

Serious situation in Europe

And Europe has become the epicenter of the fourth coronavirus wave. The situation is “very serious”: the WHO, in no uncertain terms, has certified that the impact of the fourth wave of the pandemic on Europe is increasingly out of control, with over 4,200 deaths per day and the risk of 700,000 victims within spring. Looking ahead, the element of greatest concern is the growing pressure of new patients on intensive care.

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In Germany the situation of the beds in intensive care is serious (in some regions they are already exhausted), in Netherlands things are no better. Coronavirus has now become the leading cause of death in Europe, and deaths have doubled since the end of September, WHO recorded, which at this point estimates the total death toll by the end of the year at over 2.2 million. winter. A very realistic scenario, considering that “there will be high or extreme pressure on hospital beds in 25 countries and high or extreme pressure on intensive care units in 49 of the 53 countries” in the coming months.

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Ukraine, 14,325 new cases and 595 deaths
In Ukraine in the last 24 hours, 14,325 new cases and 595 deaths caused by the disease have been recorded: according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, taken up by the Interfax agency. According to official data, 3,367,461 cases of Covid-19 have been detected in the country since the beginning of the epidemic and 82,913 people have died from the disease. About 42 million people live in Ukraine.

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Germany: full intensive care
On the hospitalization front, Germany measures the extent of the emergency: the country travels at the rate of tens of thousands of infections a day and, despite an excellent health system, in some regions “patients need to be transferred because intensive care they are full, ”Health Minister Jens Spahn warned. In Berlin, Saxony and Bavaria, vacancies are just 8-9%. Among other things, German hospitals have also begun to welcome Covid patients from neighboring Holland, in turn in crisis for resuscitation. The worsening of the health situation in Germany is also determined by a vaccination campaign that does not take off: 68% of the population covered is well below that of the more virtuous countries, such as Portugal and Italy.

And the issue of vaccines is at the top of WHO concerns, which found that in some European countries the coverage is even lower than 10%, while in general all of Eastern Europe and the Balkans are lagging behind. This is the case, for example, of the Slovenia, where only half of the population is vaccinated and the positivity rate exceeded 46%. Hence the renewed appeal of the UN body to a “vaccine plus” approach, that is, to take standard vaccines and proceed with the third dose, to reverse the trend of deaths and hospitalizations and arrive at a situation of “coexistence with the virus “.

On the resurgence of Covid in Europe, in addition to the delays in vaccinations, the combined provision of a progressive return to life in closed spaces, due to the cold, and a general relaxation in containment measures also weighs heavily: a significant fact, in this sense , is that less than half of Europeans leave the house with a mask. Governments, on this front, are trying to run for cover and in some cases the restrictions, even drastic ones, have been reinstated. It was the forerunner Austria, which reintroduced the general lockdown (also reducing the time for the booster to 4 months), but also in other capitals the hypothesis of a new total confinement is no longer taboo. In Slovakia it is thought to impose it for at least three weeks, to contain one of the worst increases in infections in the world compared to the population.

The other path that some governments have decided to take is to isolate the no vax. Last, in chronological order, was the Greece, which, taking its example from Austria, has banned non-immunized people from entering restaurants, cinemas and museums.

France, 30,000 cases a day. Today Macron decides a new squeeze
Crucial day in France to face the fourth wave of Covid. The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, will meet the Health Defense Council this morning in the Elysée to decide on a new tightening of the virus containment measures. On the table an extension of the third dose of the vaccine to all public employees and a tightening of the health pass checks. In recent days, Macron’s spokesman, Gabriel Attal, had called the resurgence of infections in Europe and in the country “dazzling”. And just yesterday France crossed the threshold of 30,000 cases a day.

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