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Covid, Fedriga: “No to restrictions for the vaccinated, the alternative is that we close everything”

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“We will propose to the government to choose measures that can favor vaccinations, guaranteeing the possibility of overcoming the restrictions for the vaccinated and for those who have overcome the disease”. This was stated by the president of the conference of the Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga, at In Mezz’ora more on Rai 3. “We are not talking about excluding someone – he explained – but those with a lower propensity for hospitalization risk must be given the opportunity to be able to do something more. The alternative is that otherwise we close everyone: if we do not intervene the result is that if a Region passes in the orange or red zone it is closed for everyone, it is not that it does not close for anyone. There is no talk of measures to close someone but to open someone else a little more “”, he explained, adding: “I want to reiterate a principle: let’s try to look at data and answers from the scientific world. Governors do not act as sorcerers, they do not have miraculous solutions but look at the official data provided by Iss, Cts, Ministry of Health. These data show that the vaccine works and works well, has an excellent result against infections, very good against hospitalization “.

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“We must avoid a significant increase in the request for hospitalizations to protect everyone – continued Fedriga. “On the other hand, we must begin to give certainties to the country’s economic system. We cannot tell companies ‘let’s see what area you will be in and whether you will keep it open or not’ “”.

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On the same line the Foreign Minister Di Maio: “There is no alternative to the Green Pass and vaccinations,” he explained. “93% of the people we have in intensive care, or in any case involved in hospital stays, are not vaccinated. By listening to the scientific community, therefore, we will do whatever it takes to enhance the tools to guarantee our freedom. The alternative to the Green Pass and vaccines is to close everything and we can neither afford it nor want it ».


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