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Covid, yellow on the 125 positives on the flight from Italy to India: “At the departure they were all negative”

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It is yellow about what happened to Indian travelers from Italy who yesterday landed at Amritsar airport, in the Indian state of Punjab, on a charter flight. Of the 179 passengers who left Italy, where they work, 125 tested positive for Covid-19; one of them would be affected by the Omicron variant. Thirteen lost their tracks after their arrival by escaping from quarantine. The discovery of the positivity to the virus sparked chaos and lively protests inside and outside the airport, where travelers were expected by dozens of relatives and friends and by a procession of ambulances ready to transport them to the hospitals of the districts from which they come, for the period of isolation imposed by the health authorities. The travelers claim that they all underwent tests in serious laboratories in Italy before departure.

“No one was positive -, Jasvir Singh Uppal, a native of the city of Jalandar, told the media – the results of our tests are available on the website of the ministry that authorized the trip and anyone can check them. It is impossible that we were all infected in the ten hours of the flight. ” In the hall of the terminal slogans were shouted against the government, accused of an unspecified “conspiracy”. The flight, operated by the Portuguese company EuroAtlantic, had departed from Milan and had made a technical stopover in Tbilisi. Of the 179 passengers, 19 were children under the age of five.

The positives, who continue to ask for a review of the tests carried out by the Indian laboratory, have been sorted for quarantine in the hospitals of the respective districts: the authorities say that nine of them fled the terminal with the complicity of family members, and that another four they would have escaped from the Guru Nanak hospital in Amritsar. The police report that their passport will be withdrawn if they do not show up by today.

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