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Cradlepoint’s embedded IoT solutions connect SmartSort Technologies systems

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Cradlepoint’s embedded IoT solutions connect SmartSort Technologies systems

The collaboration, announced at the Mobile World Congress, demonstrates how AI over cellular connectivity can contribute to environmental sustainability and highlights the success of Cradlepoint’s new Embedded program

Cradlepointa global leader in cloud-managed 5G and LTE wireless edge connectivity solutions, announced that its cellular routers will be adopted by SmartSort Technologies to connect AI-enabled waste collection systems and promote sustainable business practices.

Designed to support offices, stadiums and any public venue with recycling programs, Cradlepoint’s IoT connectivity solutions combine the enterprise-grade security and agility of cellular networks with the Artificial Intelligence of SmartSort to transform recycling needs from cost center to profit center.

Cradlepoint is at the forefront of the wireless connectivity revolution and offers partners the opportunity to leverage unparalleled 5G/LTE solutions and experience. This commitment to innovation allows partners to tailor connectivity solutions to their needs and maximize the benefits of next-generation wireless technology. SmartSort is part of Cradlepoint’s new Embedded Partner Program, which offers organizations access to certified, secure and scalable solutions and best-in-class 5G and LTE integration capabilities, enabling innovative companies to focus on their core business applications and solutions .

“Cradlepoint’s Embedded Partnerships program is pioneering a new era of collaborative innovation. This partnership represents not just a connection, but a fusion of our advanced cellular connectivity and security technologies, seamlessly integrated into market-leading systems and solutions,” he has declared Jonathan Fischer, VP Partner Embedded Programme di Cradlepoint. “With our dedication to security, we will help our partners strengthen the future of their IoT applications. The Embedded Partner Program reflects our shared vision, mutual benefits and commitment to providing the best and most reliable user experience on 4G and LTE.”

Using Cradlepoint’s S700 multifunction IoT routers, designed to offer a wide range of zero trust security services, SmartSort customer data and public IP addresses are protected from external threats, while waste sorting activities are carried out seamlessly. more efficient. Any IoT device connected to the router is immediately made invisible to public and private network scans. Access policies are also easily defined by offloading security processes to a service gateway, which manages router updates and orchestrates the processes.

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“The power of 5G applied to sustainability enables intelligence at the edge, helping people make better decisions”he has declared Donna JohnsonCMO di Cradlepoint e Head of Enterprise Wireless Solutions Marketing di Ericsson. “Cradlepoint and its parent company Ericsson care about sustainability and our impact on the planet. SmartSort is an excellent example of how 5G and emerging digital technologies can impact organizations and future generations.”

Globally only 9% of plastic waste is recycled. As a result, landfills and oceans fill up, causing irreversible damage to natural resources. SmartSort simplifies recycling tasks by using SmartSort AI to identify waste materials and indicate which category they belong to. Each waste container is equipped with connected sensors that read, measure and weigh each deposit. SmartSort solutions provide real-time monitoring of bins, while information is sent to a cloud-based application that monitors and reports on waste collection.

Key features of SmartSort bins include an intelligent sorting system to reduce contamination and enable real-time data collection, supporting waste management and chain of custody documentation activities.

All this shows the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility, while its carbon credit measurement methodology demonstrates its commitment to sustainability objectives Scope 2 e Scope 3.

“SmartSort is not just a recycling container, it is rather a platform for intelligent waste management. We are a data-driven solution, for us having always-on connectivity is imperative,” said Cris Luce, CEO of SmartSort. “We have tested several cellular connectivity solutions over the years, with very different results and little functionality in terms of remote management capabilities. Cradlepoint, with NetCloud Manager, is the first solution to give us detailed connections and insights into the networks that support our AI solution.”

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