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Cristina Hurtado gave new details and defended ‘The House of the Famous’: “Yes, it is live”

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Cristina Hurtado gave new details and defended ‘The House of the Famous’: “Yes, it is live”

Cristina Hurtado explained that neither she nor Carla will have direct contact with the participants of The House of the Famous-Colombia – credit @crisshurtado/Instagram

Cristina Hurtado put on ‘the shirt’ for The House of the Famous-Colombia, and defended the new format. From her Instagram account she answered questions from the public and assured that “the program and everything that happens in there is completely live and direct, you can check it from the application.”

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In addition, she provided details about how the dynamic works for her and for Carla Giraldo, with whom she shares a set in the presentation of the reality show. “We will never enter the house in person or have contact with celebrities, when we have to tell them something, we will see each other through the screens.”

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The presenter also clarified that the hosts will not be incommunicado. “We have our phones and we see everything through the Vix signal, from there we monitor them, but in our homes, we will not be locked up. Later in the evening we present the summary.

Cristina Hurtado explained how The House of the Famous-Colombia works and gave details of her role as presenter alongside Carla Giraldo – credit @crisshurtado/Instagram

The Paisa model and businesswoman also took advantage of her trip to the channel to talk with her followers from the van in which she was traveling minutes before the first broadcast, which would be the debut of this format in Colombia that generated a lot of expectations, but left a distaste among the spectators due to the technical failures that could be seen on the air.

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“This whole adventure has finally begun that will show the reality of the participants. “You will be able to see life live, everything that happens inside is in real time, nothing will be edited or censored,” said Hurtado, who reiterated that both she and Carla will lead a normal life abroad and that the contestants will only They will be able to see through the screens arranged inside the house.

Cristina took advantage of the space she opened with her fans to share the times in which the public will be able to enjoy with her. “Remember, from the Vix platform you can see the boys and what is happening during the day and every night we will have a program at nine at night from Monday to Friday, weekends and holidays at eight at night. So from now on we’re going to see each other every night.”

Cristina Hurtado shared behind the scenes and showed off the flowers she received from her husband Josse Narváez – credit @crisshurtado/Instagram

Already in the dressing rooms and while she was being made up, the presenter continued answering questions from viewers who questioned the veracity of the live show that will be aired every night on the RCN Channel. “Come on, I’ll show the kids inside and they can see how the experience is being lived. Now, Carla and I also start the program live while they continue their normal life locked up,” added Cristina while she showed what was happening inside the house simultaneously on the studio monitors.

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On the other hand, Cristina showed her dressing room and excitedly showed off the flowers she received from her husband Josse Narváez, who sent her red roses to cheer her up at the premiere of the program that marks her return to television and presentation, after a long pause after the birth of his son Mateo, who barely turned two years old.

During the presentation of the program in which the contestants were welcomed and immediately had the test that would leave Mafe Walker as the first nominee, the networks erupted in controversy and criticism towards what was also the premiere of presenter Carla Giraldo . However, Cristina came out well and received positive comments, including that of her husband.

Cristina Hurtado spoke with Infobae Colombia about how her life changed after participating in Protagonistas de Novela in 2003 – credit @crisshurtado/Instagram

“Ufff, for you I lock myself in that house, son of a bitch… a thousand times more 🔥😍,” the Córdoban actor commented to his wife on the networks. “The most beautiful woman in Colombia and supportnnnnn”, “why are you so perfect?”, “The most beautiful presenter on Colombian TV😍😍”, “Colombian Barby is beautiful”, “the reason why I will watch The House of famous people”, “you have it all, beauty, talent, charisma. I love you”.

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