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[Epoch Times November 18, 2021]Hello, everyone, I’m Tang Hao, how are you today?

Today’s focus: Peng Shuai denies sexual assault, the CCP has exposed six major flaws? Osaka Naomi and Djokovic exclaimed: Where is Peng Shuai? The historical resolution of the Sixth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is issued. Is Xi Jinping’s re-election safe? The Xixi meeting ended, and Taiwan to contain the U.S.-China rivalry? “Crossroads of the World”

Chinese female tennis player Peng Shuai publicly posted on Weibo in early November, accusing Zhang Gaoli, the former deputy prime minister of the Communist Party of China, of using her power to sexually assault her multiple times, which aroused enthusiastic attention from the international community. Although the CCP has completely blocked relevant remarks, superstars including the World Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), tennis star Naomi Osaka, and Djokovic have all publicly expressed their concerns about Peng Shuai’s personal safety and whereabouts and called on China to launch a comprehensive and public investigation as soon as possible.

Recently, CGTN (China Global Television Network) issued a screenshot on Twitter, claiming that it was a letter written by Peng Shuai to the chairman of the WTA, dispelling rumors of Zhang Gaoli’s allegations of sexual assault, and asking WTA to stop paying attention to her news. . But this so-called “letter” is full of doubts and flaws, making people even more questionable about Peng Shuai’s life and death and the motive behind CGTN’s release of this “letter”?

In addition, the Xi Xi meeting has just ended, and the Sixth Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China has just passed the third historical resolution, paving the way for Xi Jinping’s re-election as party leader. What impact will the Xixi Meeting and this historical resolution have on the international situation? What changes have been made to Taiwan and the cross-strait situation? In this episode, I will discuss with you.

We talked carefully about the song “Outside the Wall” in the first two episodes of the show, so today we are going to return to the serious topic of current affairs. Today I want to talk to you a few key points:

Topic 1: Peng Shuai appeared to deny sexual assault?Six flaws in the CCP’s external propaganda
Topic 2: The Xixi meeting ended and the historical resolution was introduced. How did the US-China-Taiwan relations change?

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Topic 1: Peng Shuai appeared to deny sexual assault?Six flaws in the CCP’s external propaganda

Chinese female tennis star Peng Shuai posted a long article on Weibo in early November, on the eve of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China, accusing Zhang Gaoli, former Vice Premier of the Communist Party of China and former member of the Politburo Standing Committee, of allegedly exploiting power and repeatedly sexually assaulting Peng Shuai. After the news came out, it immediately caused an international sensation, but Peng Shuai’s articles and Weibo account were immediately deleted, and Peng Shuai’s whereabouts have never been known.

Although the Chinese Communist Party has always remained silent on this accusation, the international community has continued to express great concern. The World Women’s Professional Tennis Association (WTA) issued a statement on the 14th, requesting China to conduct a full investigation of this official suspected of sexual assault on a player, and it must conduct a comprehensive, fair and transparent investigation.

Later, WTA chairman and CEO Steve Simon told the New York Times that they had grasped Peng Shuai’s whereabouts. Peng Shuai should still be in Beijing and he is safe. However, he asked China to fully investigate this case, otherwise WTA will not rule out withdrawing from the Chinese market.

Then, the snowball got bigger and bigger, and many tennis players publicly expressed their support to Peng Shuai. Including the women’s tennis star Naomi Osaka, who is currently ranked fifth in the world and has won four Grand Slam titles, wrote “Where is Peng Shuai” on Twitter to express concern and support for Peng Shuai and oppose all information censorship. Naomi Osaka said that this incident shocked her, and she hoped that Peng Shuai and his family would be safe.

And currently the world’s number one tennis player Djokovic also publicly stated to the media that Peng Shuai’s whereabouts became a mystery after being sexually assaulted. He was quite shocked. He also hopes that Peng Shuai will be found as soon as possible and that everything is safe.

Well, just as the world pays more and more attention to the whereabouts of Peng Shuai, the CCP’s overseas publicity “China Global Television Network” (CGTN) posted a tweet on Twitter at noon on the 17th Eastern Time. There is a picture in it, claiming that this is a letter personally written by Peng Shuai to WTA Chairman Simon. The content of the letter says:

“In response to the recent news published on the WTA official website, the content was not confirmed and verified by myself, and was published without my consent. The news includes false accusations of sexual assault. I have not disappeared, and there is nothing wrong with it. It’s safe. I’m just resting at home and everything is fine. Thank you again for your concern.”

The letter also said, “If the WTA wants to release information about me, please verify with me and release it with my permission. As a professional tennis player, I thank you for your company and care. I hope to have the opportunity in the future. I will promote Chinese tennis with you. I hope that Chinese tennis will get better and better.”

Well, obviously, the so-called “letter” sent by CGTN is to convey three messages to the outside world:

1. The accusation of sexual assault against Zhang Gaoli is false;
2. Peng Shuai is currently safe;
Third, criticize the WTA for releasing news about Peng Shuai.

Obviously, the CCP issued this letter to “refute rumors” and “clarify” the international community, deny that Peng Shuai was sexually assaulted by Zhang Gaoli, and at the same time tell the international community not to pay attention to Peng Shuai’s whereabouts.

However, what is strange is that this so-called “letter” from Peng Shuai is obviously full of doubts:


The first doubt is that there is no information or evidence in this letter to show that it was written by Peng Shuai himself. And if Peng Shuai is free, why didn’t he show up? Why doesn’t CGTN interview Peng Shuai directly and ask her to clarify in person? Isn’t this more evidence? This is the most basic common sense of journalism.


Second, if this letter was really written by Shuai Peng to the chairman of WTA, why did this private communication fall into the hands of CGTN? Did Peng Shuai hand it over to CGTN to release it? Why doesn’t Peng Shuai just post it on her social media? Is it because Peng Shuai has lost his freedom and was forced to write this letter and hand it over to the CCP media for external “clarification”?

<<疑点三:宣称性侵不实 却又回避微博指控>>

Third, although the letter mentioned that the allegations of sexual assault are untrue, why did it not mention Peng Shuai’s previous Weibo article? After all, Zhang Gaoli’s statement that Peng Shuai sexually assaulted Peng Shuai was written by Peng Shuai himself, right? Unless her Weibo was stolen by someone else, she published the allegation article. However, Peng Shuai did not mention that Weibo was stolen in this letter, but he said that the allegation of sexual assault was false. Isn’t this very contradictory and weird?

<<疑点四:信件出现可疑光标 疑有人代笔>>

Fourth, take a closer look at this so-called “letter” sent by Peng Shuai to the chairman of the WTA. In the third line, there is a cursor on it. Think about it, everyone. Normally, when we read letters from others, it is in “read-only mode”. “, the cursor of the mouse or keyboard won’t appear on the letter, right?

Then why does this letter have a cursor on it? There is only one possibility, that is, when the person is editing this letter, the cursor will be on top. In this case, was this letter taken by Peng Shuai when he wrote it and sent to CGTN? Does this mean that someone is “watching” or “holding” Peng Shuai to write this letter?

Or is it CGTN or who of the Chinese Communist Party is helping Peng Shuai to “ghost” this letter, or fabricating a fake letter and taking a screenshot and publishing it after writing it?

<<疑点五:信件疑点多 WTA主席也质疑>>

Fifth, this letter was full of doubts, and WTA Chairman Simone came forward to respond in person. He issued a statement saying that this approach of the Chinese Communist Party media will only make him more worried about Peng Shuai’s safety and her whereabouts.

Simon said that it is difficult for him to believe that this letter was written by Peng Shuai himself. He said that China should allow Peng Shuai to come forward and speak freely, reject any intimidation and coercion, and emphasize that women’s voices should be heard and respected.

<<疑点六:信件只在海外发布 为中共舆论维稳>>

Sixth, this letter is only sent to overseas publicity, but not in domestic media or on the Internet. Obviously, it is not to clarify the allegations of Zhang Gaoli’s sexual assault simultaneously at home and abroad. It is not to clarify the truth or deny the allegations. It is just In order to calm people overseas and prevent the incident from continuing to expand, it will put greater international pressure on the CCP. To put it bluntly, this is a public opinion stabilization aimed at overseas.

Especially now happens to be the third historical resolution just passed by the Sixth Plenary Session, paving the way for Xi Jinping’s 20-Dalian as the party leader. At this time, the CCP media is overwhelmingly touting the great achievements of the party leader, which is comparable to Mao Zedong. At this time, if Zhang The case of Korea’s sexual assault on Peng Shuai is full of ups and downs in the city, and even around the world, which will make the leader of the CCP face shameless. Therefore, it is not surprising that the CCP chose to calm down overseas.

On the contrary, the fact that this letter did not appear in China means that the CCP does not deny that Zhang Gaoli did sexually assault Peng Shuai, and the party will continue to cover up the Peng Shuai incident from the Chinese people and cover up the bullying case of the CCP’s high-ranking officials who sexually assaulted Peng Shuai.

Well, as of our publication, we have not been able to confirm whether this letter was written by Peng Shuai himself. However, this letter is indeed full of doubts. On the contrary, it is “the more rumors are refuted,” and the more people are concerned about Peng Shuai’s safety and whereabouts at the moment.

However, at this time, the CCP’s foreign propaganda issued letters full of flaws. Even if it really wanted to dispel rumors and extinguish the fire and avoid polluting the country’s “party leader’s campaign”, it seems that it has become “reverse propaganda”. Attracted higher attention from all walks of life around the world.

Topic 2: The Xixi meeting ended and the historical resolution was introduced. How did the US-China-Taiwan relations change?

In the past few days, several important events have occurred between the two major powers of the United States and China. One is the conclusion of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Chinese Communist Party. The third historical resolution in the history of the Chinese Communist Party has also been passed, establishing that Xi Jinping leads the Chinese Communist Party’s “second one”. “One hundred years” status; another major event is the video summit between Xi Jinping and Biden, which will also appear after the end of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Central Committee. This is the first time that Biden has a dialogue with Xi Jinping.

Well, because these things have happened for a few days, and there have been many related discussions on the Internet and in the media, we will not repeat the content and details of these events. After the introduction of the historical resolutions, what impact will it have on the world situation?

Impact One: The general situation is set for Xi’s re-election next year

In this visit meeting, the two sides talked for three and a half hours, but in fact there was not much overlap and consensus. On the contrary, it was more like saying different things and testing each other again. Therefore, the two sides did not issue a joint statement or agreement after the meeting. When will we communicate next time, and even the content of the press releases issued by the two parties is very different, as if the two parties have held different meetings.

In my opinion, there are two main functions of this worship meeting:

First, the top leaders of the United States and China finally met publicly. Although it was a virtual meeting through online video, at least the two sides and the staff team finally opened the first high-level communication, which slightly cooled the tension between the United States and China. We will add this later.

Second, both Biden and Xi Jinping obtained their needs through this meeting, and completed a certain degree of internal propaganda and political momentum in their own countries. What does that mean? Let me talk about Biden first.

Since Biden took office at the beginning of the year, poll support has been declining. Now 40% of Democratic supporters hope that Biden will not be allowed to run for re-election in the 2024 general election. This news is not only a warning sign for Biden, but more importantly, it is an urgent and huge pressure on the Democratic Party’s midterm elections at the end of next year. Therefore, both Biden and the Democratic Party urgently need to boost their reputation.

Therefore, on the day of the meeting, Biden first signed the 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars, or 1.2 trillion U.S. dollars, infrastructure bill just passed by Congress, creating new progress and new achievements in Biden’s domestic affairs.

Then, that night, Biden talked with Xi Jinping on the Starry Night. Oh no, it was a video dialogue, creating a certain level of interaction between Biden in diplomacy, especially with the CCP, the most powerful competitor, but at the same time expressing something to the CCP. This level of toughness has not made any promises or compromises to the CCP. Simply put, Biden wants to use the infrastructure bill and visit meetings to win some political points for his internal affairs and foreign affairs.

Xi Jinping is the same. Xi Jinping first completed the Sixth Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and passed the third historical resolution to vigorously publicize Xi Jinping’s nine-year reign and establish his leadership position in China and the party; then he immediately held a line with Biden. At the summit, in fact, it does not matter how the outcome of this meeting is. What is important is that Beijing can use this meeting to create that the CCP has suppressed the United States, and the CCP has won another victory.

So you can see that as soon as the meeting is over, it is still daytime in China and late at night in the United States. The CCP media immediately took advantage of this time difference and beat the gongs and drums to propagate the party’s victory. For example, the publicity of this meeting is “constructive, substantive, and fruitful.” It also claimed that the U.S. held the meeting late at night, showing that they actively “begged” the Chinese side to come to the meeting; it also emphasized that Biden wore a red tie for the sake of Please the Chinese side and so on.

To put it simply, even if the U.S. said that there was “no breakthrough” at this meeting, the CCP wanted to use this Xi Xi meeting to make a big internal propaganda, creating a way for the U.S. to submit to the CCP and the U.S. to please the CCP, and to use foreign power to uphold Xi Jinping’s strength. The status of “one respect” has created Xi Jinping’s leadership in leading the party to victory in both domestic and foreign affairs. Therefore, Xi has the qualification and ability to continue to be the party leader in the next 20 Dalian, creating the so-called “Xi Jinping New Era.”

Let’s look at the timeline again:

On November 11, the Sixth Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China passed a historical resolution.
On November 12, it was determined that the worship meeting would be held on the 15th.
On November 15th (Beijing 16th), the ceremony will be held.
On November 16, after the Xi Xi meeting, the CCP immediately announced the full text of the historical resolution.

Is the layout of this time very compact and very orderly? Is it fully in line with the CCP’s propaganda plan for Xi Jinping to promote the sedan chair? This is what we are talking about. Both sides of Xi’s visit have achieved their needs through this meeting, and Xi Jinping has the protection of historical resolutions, coupled with the backing of the meeting of Xi’s, he will be re-elected at the 20th National Congress next year, basically The general situation is set, but there will be many challenges in the future.

Impact 2: Breaking the ice in US-China relations from “very bad” to “bad”

Although the Xixi meeting allowed US-China relations to break from the “ice age”, there was not much progress in substance. After all, there was no agreement, no declaration, and no agreement on when the next meeting will be held. However, there are still great differences, so there is no way to reach a consensus. In a word, the relationship between the US and China has only changed from “very bad” to “bad”.

Furthermore, the U.S. policy toward China remains unchanged at the “3C”, that is, competition, cooperation, and conflict. But Biden’s main purpose is actually to rebuild the meeting. The conversation mechanism enables communication at critical moments to avoid actual military conflicts between the United States and China. Simply put, the US is trying to avoid a real military war with the CCP.

However, although the U.S. does not want military exchanges of fire, it continues to issue shells against the CCP in other areas. For example, when the Xixi meeting has just ended, it is immediately rumored that the U.S. will announce a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics in February next year, that is, the U.S. Officials did not attend the Winter Olympics and expressed resistance, embarrassing the CCP’s face.

Moreover, US Secretary of State Blincol also fired a second shot on November 17, announcing that the CCP, Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc. are listed as countries that violate freedom of belief. In addition to showing that US-China relations have indeed not improved much, the US’s series of measures also slapped the Chinese Communist Party media’s claim that “the party has won again.”

So I think that the following US-China relations will maintain the current “fight without breaking” competition and cooperation before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. However, the U.S. may gradually make more concessions to the CCP for cooperation on climate change and other aspects, and gradually soften it, such as canceling or reducing tariffs on some commodities.

Moreover, we must point out that the CCP can be said to be a “small win” at this Xixi meeting. Why? Because Beijing once again moved out of the “three red lines” Wang Yi mentioned earlier, that is, the U.S. must not challenge and change the CCP’s socialist system, that the U.S. must not obstruct the CCP’s development process, and that the U.S. must not infringe upon the CCP’s national sovereignty. Don’t get involved in Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan issues.

The U.S. side explicitly agreed to one of them, that is, the U.S. side promised not to seek to change China’s current system, which means that the U.S. side does not want to overthrow the CCP’s dictatorship or the CCP’s red wall.

Hearing this passage in Beijing’s ears will make them feel that they have been victorious, because the CCP’s greatest threat is the United States, and the United States is the only major power in the world capable of defeating the CCP. Now that the US has publicly promised that it does not want to change the CCP system, the CCP will start to prepare to bite like a mosquito that has lost its natural enemies. So from this point of view, I say that the CCP is a “small win”.

Impact 3: Fierce confrontation before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China

Although the CCP passed the third historical resolution and established Xi Jinping’s leadership position, there are still constant struggles within the CCP. For example, the party media said that the Sixth Plenary Session of the Central Committee passed the historical resolution on the 11th, but it will not be released until five days later, rather than two or three days later. This has caused the outside world to wonder whether there is too much internal controversy. Not settled?

Sure enough, in the sideline of the Sixth Plenary Session written by the party media, there was a passage that said, “At the group meeting, everyone rushed to speak first, and the atmosphere was enthusiastic. Sometimes when the voice of the comrades in the speech table just fell, several comrades got up and prepared to speak at the same time. “This passage seems to be enthusiastic participation by everyone on the surface, but in essence it means that the party has too many doubts and disagreements with the content of this resolution, so there is a debate.

Xi Jinping himself admitted that 547 revisions were made to the draft resolution. Think about it, everyone. What does this mean when more than 500 changes have been made to a document?

First, the CCP’s perceptions of this historical document are very different and very strong, so it insists on revising it. Second, the strength of the party’s backlash may exceed Xi’s expectations, so he was forced to amend more than 500 places in exchange for this historical resolution in exchange for his ticket for re-election next year. This also shows that there is still a considerable degree of factional power in the party, and it does not agree with Xi Jinping’s re-election.

Therefore, although this historical resolution is still passed, between now and before next year’s 20th National Congress, the CCP will still not be peaceful, and there may be more factional struggles, negotiated deals, and even assassinations, coups, etc. Appeared before our eyes.

Impact 4: Both sides of the strait maintain the status quo Taiwan is still the US-China gaming table

Taiwan is one of the “three red lines” drawn by the CCP to the United States. In particular, the relationship between the United States and Taiwan has been very friendly recently. On the eve of the meeting, Brinken also stated that once the CCP uses force against Taiwan to destroy the status quo, the United States will take action. All these signs make the CCP restless.

Therefore, after this meeting, the CCP media immediately publicized with great fanfare that the United States “does not support Taiwan independence.” This statement also attracted many Taiwanese people’s doubts, thinking that this is the CCP media statement, and Biden may not have it. Say so.

Later, Biden was also questioned by the media. Biden responded that the US does not encourage independence, but encourages Taiwan to act in accordance with the requirements of the “Taiwan Law,” and that everything must be decided by Taiwan.

Seeing this, we can actually find that the US’s Taiwan policy basically revolves around the “Taiwan Relations Act,” the three US-China joint communiqués, and the “six guarantees,” and there has not been much change. Of course, Biden’s statement that he does not encourage Taiwan’s independence will naturally become the “trophies” used by the CCP for internal and external propaganda. This is not surprising.

However, we can foresee that for the United States, maintaining the status quo on both sides of the strait, and no one should change each other, is the best interest of the United States at this stage. Therefore, on the one hand, the US said to the CCP that it does not encourage Taiwan’s independence. On the other hand, it also emphasized that if the CCP sends troops to the Taiwan Strait, the US will take action. To put it simply, the United States does not want to wait until the Taiwan Strait begins to intervene in the war, but hopes to maintain the status quo and avoid war in advance.

Therefore, in the future, as long as there is no breakthrough improvement in US-China relations, Taiwan will continue to play the role of the “card table” in the US-China game. Walk the table. In other words, the two sides of the Taiwan Strait will continue to maintain the “security in danger” situation in the short term under the repression and coordination of the United States.

Okay, let’s repeat. The Xixi meeting and the historical resolutions issued by the CCP will have several important impacts on the international situation:

Impact One: The general situation is set for Xi’s re-election next year
Impact 2: Breaking the ice in US-China relations from “very bad” to “bad”
Impact 3: Fierce confrontation before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China
Impact 4: Both sides of the strait maintain the status quo Taiwan is still the US-China gaming table

Ok, let’s talk about it today. If you like our program, please remember to subscribe, leave a message, press like, and please introduce it to more friends. Thank you for watching and we will see you next time.

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