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Cruzeiro loses its unbeaten record with defeat to América-MG

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Cruzeiro loses its unbeaten record with defeat to América-MG

O cruise lost their unbeaten record this season. On an uninspired night, Raposa was defeated by America-MG2-0, in the 5th round of the Minas Gerais Championshipand left the field to boos from the fans present at Mineirão.

Despite the defeat, the cruise remains in the isolated lead of Group A, with 10 points. On the other hand, the America-MG remains undefeated and, with the best campaign overall, is the leader of Group C, with 13 points.

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The match started with both teams creating good opportunities before five minutes. O America-MG saw Moisés miss a goal without a goalkeeper after a pass from Vitor Jacaré and William made Dalberson work on a free kick.

Pushed by the fans, Raposa had more possession of the ball, but found it difficult to break through Coelho’s block. Arthur Gomes crossed the ball and center forward Dinenno almost managed to deflect it into the goal.

The panorama didn’t change much after the break. When the cruise it was better, América-MG opened the scoring after 15 minutes. Renato Marques saw Rafael Cabral in advance and, even without an angle, sent it for coverage. After that it was attack versus defense.

The equalizer almost came after a shot by Matheus Pereira. Dalberson palmed. However, in the 42nd minute, Rodrigo Varanda took advantage of a mistake in the Celestial defense and scored to give the team the victory. America-MG. Nervousness hit the Celestial players and Lucas Romero was sent off in stoppage time for leaving his elbow in the opponent’s face.

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Classification in Minas Gerais:

Cruzeiro – 1st placed in Group A, with 10 points

América-MG – 1st placed in Group B, with 13 points

Cruzeiro’s next games:

Upcoming América-MG games:

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