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Csm, the salary increase is triggered. The strait of Cartabia is already behind us

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Csm, the salary increase is triggered.  The strait of Cartabia is already behind us

Increase in salaries at the CSM. On the agenda for today’s session of the plenum of the body that governs the judiciary, there is a proposal for “adjustments to indemnities and other emoluments”.

The Cartabia reform, approved last year, had provided for a cut of around 60,000 euros a year for professional councilors (magistrates elected by colleagues) and around 100,000 euros a year for lay councilors elected by Parliament. In particular, the law also imposes on the CSM the maximum ceiling of 240 thousand euros per year all-inclusive, thus sterilizing the reimbursements of expenses and attendance fees for the meetings of the commissions and the plenum, which helped to almost double the basic salary, which fluctuated between approximately 140,000 and 180,000 euros.

The effect was seen immediately in the new CSM, with a reduction in commission and plenum sessions.

Now the CSM runs for cover. The technical tool is the adjustment of the allowances to inflation. The resolution proposed by the presidential committee points out that the entries had been frozen since 2010 and that an increase of 7 percent was chosen instead of the 11% which is also possible by calculating the dynamics of the cost of living.

Here is the effect, concretely.

The seat allowance, due for each session of the plenum, passes from 297 to 320 euros; for each session of the presidency committee from 184 to 200 euros; of the disciplinary section from 366 to 400 euros. Sometimes these allowances are calculated for two daily sessions.

The lump-sum monthly function allowance for errand work goes from 4,860 to 5,210 euros.

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The daily allowance for special assignments such as meetings with foreign delegations goes from 237 to 260 euros. Also in this case with the possibility of doubling daily.

The flat-rate daily mission allowance, due to non-resident councilors in Rome not only for the days of actual sitting but also for the preceding and following ones, goes from 367 to 400 euros. Alternatively, reimbursement of expenses at the bottom of the list is introduced, up to 4 thousand euros per month. According to the vice president, the amount rises to 5,000 euros “in consideration of the greater number of institutional commitments”.

The amount of reimbursement of expenses – monthly, all-inclusive and lump sum – due to all members of the Board, for the performance of tasks of an institutional nature connected to their office to be carried out throughout the country, goes from 371 to 400 euros.

«The amounts thus established appear to be consistent with the general savings objectives», explains the resolution.

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