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“Cuba will host a Chinese spy base”. But Beijing denies the Wall Street Journal: “unfounded slander”

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“Cuba will host a Chinese spy base”.  But Beijing denies the Wall Street Journal: “unfounded slander”

“As we all know, spread rumors and slander is a common tactic of the United States“: to affirm it is Wang Wenbin, spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministrywho thus commented on the leaked rumors a few days ago from Wall Street Journalaccording to which Beijing has set up a Cuba a basis of espionage to monitor the United States. A piece of news that evoked a climate from Cold Warimmediately bringing to mind the missile crisis of 1962. But the secret military agreement that Beijing e Havana would have tightened, launched as a scoop by the journalists of the American newspaper, has been denied: “The United States illegally occupied the base of Guantanamo Bay a Cuba for a long time, they have been doing sideline activities and have imposed an embargo on Cuba for more than 60 years,” he added Wang Wenbin.

The spokesman also called on the Usa to “reflect on themselves, stop interfering in the internal affairs of Cuba under the banner of freedomfrom the democracy and gods human rightsand immediately cancel the commercial and financial blockade against Cuba“. “An information altogether false and unfounded“, he assured‘Avana for his part: in a statement, the deputy minister of Foreign Cuban Carlos Fernandez de Cossio spoke of “lies promoted with the perfidious intention of justifying the unprecedented intensification of the economic blockade of Washington against the Caribbean nation and the ongoing destabilization campaigns”. The government official also spoke of “deceit of public opinion in the Usa and in the world”, emphasizing that episodes like these would be the result of “slander fabricated by US officials, apparently aware of intelligence information”. It would not be the first episode of its kind, given “the alleged acoustic attacks against US diplomatic personnel at theAvanathe lie about the non-existent Cuban military presence in Venezuela and the lie about the imaginary existence of biological weapons laboratories,” he recalled of Cossío.

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“Regardless of the sovereign rights of Cuba in matters of defense – underlined the deputy minister – our country is part of the Latin American statement and gods Caribbean as Zone of Peace, signed at theAvana in January 2014. By virtue of it, we reject any foreign military presence in Latin America and the Caribbean“. In accordance with these principles, concluded the deputy minister, Cuba “also repudiates the numerous US military bases and troops in the region, especially the one currently illegally occupying part of Cuban territory in the province of Guantanamo“. According to the Wall Street Journal, the secret agreement signed between Cuba and USA would have promoted the installation of one spy center in the Caribbean island 200 kilometers from Floridain order to listen to communications throughout the southeastern part of the United States, a part of the country full of important military bases, such as the US Central Command headquarters in Tampa or Fort Liberty, the former Fort Bragg which is the largest US military base. According to the newspaper, the two countries would have reached an agreement in principle, with Beijing pledged to pay “several billion dollars” to Havana. Also there Cnn he had reported the news, citing an intelligence source Usa who revealed that Washington had been aware of the plan for several weeks. Before Beijing’s denials, the news had been described as “inaccurate” by the White Housethrough the spokesperson of the National Security Council, John Kirby.

In the photo Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Webin

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