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Cuiabá Esporte Clube

New for Nortão de Mato Grosso! Cuiabá will open the first branch of Dourado Store, the club’s official store, in Sinop. The inauguration will take place soon, at Sinop Shopping, in Setor Industrial, and the event will be attended by the official mascots of Cuiabá, Dourado and Douradinho.

In the Dourado Store you can find several official Cuiabá items, such as game and fan shirts, shorts, caps, backpacks, among others. Fans from the region will also be able to join the club at the Sinop branch.

This will be the first Dourado Store unit outside the capital of Mato Grosso. The club already has two official stores located in the Estação and Pantanal shopping malls, in Cuiabá. The establishment of a branch in the northern region is part of the club’s brand expansion project, which already carries the name of Mato Grosso to the four corners of Brazil and the world through the sporting success achieved in recent years.

“Cuiabá’s growth is notable. The good results we achieved in recent seasons made the club recognized and admired throughout Brazil. But we feel the need to get closer to our people here in Mato Grosso, to generate a stronger identification with our state. It is with this aim that we are expanding our brand and taking the club to other regions of Mato Grosso, starting with Nortão”, declared Cristiano Dresch, president of Dourado.

“The opening of the Dourado Store in Sinop will meet the desire of a large part of our fans who live in the region and who found it difficult to purchase official Cuiabá products and get closer to the club. We are sure that it will be a success and that we will provide good experiences in this new unit, which will be the first of many that we will have outside of Cuiabá”, added the president.

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