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Cultural emotions in Giocattorino between games and guests.

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Cultural emotions in Giocattorino between games and guests.

As soon as you entered the Pala Expo, you were immediately immersed in a world of toys and fun for all ages, with fun events that involved the whole family.

Giocattorino, the Autumn Edition, organized by the Casa Malta Association, which took place on Saturday 18 November in Moncalieri, was a splendid day dedicated to aggregation and pop culture, thus giving life to a wide-ranging social event.

At the market exhibition it was possible to find everything from collectible toys such as “Transformers” or now unobtainable table toys such as “Brivido”, to then be left speechless in front of historical videogames, up to the Funko pops that have invaded today’s market.

All this was achieved by the Game Area, a large space for interactive events, in which the visitor had the opportunity, thanks to the Goblin shop, to play RPG games, board games, card games or even simply observe and ask information about it.

The enthusiast had no choice but to try his hand at other attractions, from the Nerd House Association to Piedmontese Chess or challenge himself in the space dedicated to the latest generation or vintage videogames (cabined games were also present!!!!) in which he had the opportunity to meet the legendary Mike Arcade, a 360° connoisseur of the nerd world.

There was also no shortage of guests who, in the conference corner managed by Mondo Japan, told anecdotes, curiosities, presented news and interacted with the enthusiastic public: from Marco Ventura with the game “Cats, Sushi, Masters”, to the cartoonist Lorenzo Ballocco with the signature of Sortisia, the Altera Association which presented the “Play Etich” Project with the winners of the last Edition: Annalisa Savio and Alessandra Saracino; a historic presence of Turin and national comics: Vittorio Pavesio in the company of the Bonelli designer Sergio Giardo, illustrator of the game “Farmer Jack Vs Alien Kid” and its creator Silvano Sella, the speech of Federico Senes, former president of the A.na.Co Association which retraced the cosplay panorama when this was not yet a social phenomenon, and finally a journey into the robotic cartoons of the 80s with Enzo Tripodina.

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An event that was able to please everyone but above all a fair that grows more and more year after year, always offering new products, guests and workshops. What should we expect at the next edition? What will Artistic Director Paola Paolucci surprise us with?

We will be there to find out and tell you about it…. and you?

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