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Cyber ​​security requires international cooperation and political manipulation is unpopular

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On July 19, the Norwegian side suddenly declared that the cyber attack on the Norwegian parliament came from China without any contact or communication with the Chinese side. The Chinese Embassy in Norway issued a statement stating that some Western countries and organizations have pointed the finger at China on cybersecurity issues. This has to be suspected as a collusive political manipulation. It is hoped that relevant parties will produce true and credible evidence. In order to find out the truth early.

Being rigorous, prudent, and responsible for every word you say is the minimum that any country should follow. Without any contact and communication with the Chinese side, he suddenly blamed China for no reason. I have to say that this wave of operations in Norway is really funny.

Cyberspace is the common activity space of mankind, and the future and destiny of cyberspace should be controlled by all countries in the world. China is an advocate of building a community with a shared future in cyberspace, as well as a practitioner and pioneer. Cyber ​​attacks are a common challenge facing all countries. China has always advocated that all countries strengthen dialogue and cooperation on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, and jointly respond to this challenge. Statistics from the National Computer Network Emergency Technical Processing and Coordination Center (CNCERT) show that in 2020, China will deal with a total of 5713 cross-border cyber security incidents, of which 33 organizations in 28 countries and regions have assisted 33 organizations in 28 countries and regions to deal with 772 cyber security incidents, involving web pages Counterfeiting, malicious programs, etc.; actively promote the exchange of cybersecurity threat information, and regularly share public reports on China‘s cybersecurity with partner institutions.

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China is a serious victim of cyber theft, surveillance, and surveillance in certain Western countries. China has repeatedly made solemn representations on this issue and demanded that relevant countries stop such activities immediately. Because of this, China is determined to be a defender of network security, and firmly opposes and cracks down on any form of network attacks and secret theft in accordance with the law. Article 27 of the “Network Security Law of the People’s Republic of China” stipulates that no individual or organization shall engage in activities that endanger network security, such as illegally hacking into another person’s network, interfering with the normal function of another person’s network, or stealing network data.

To safeguard the world’s Internet security, China’s responsibility as a responsible power cannot be shaken by any country. China actively participates in the formulation of international rules in the digital field of multilateral mechanisms such as the United Nations, G20, BRICS, APEC, and WTO, and advocates the launch of the G20 Digital Economy Development and Cooperation Initiative, the “Belt and Road” Digital Economy International Cooperation Initiative, and “Join Hands The Action Initiative to Build a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace, and the Global Data Security Initiative, contribute Chinese solutions to the development of the global digital economy and cyberspace governance…China has joined hands to promote the Internet as a network of peace, cooperation, and security that contributes to social development. This kind of pragmatic responsibility has long been witnessed by all countries in the world.

Network security must cooperate, not groundless accusations, let alone political manipulation. The funny thing is that shortly after Norway’s claim, the United States and its allies, including NATO, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, formally poured the dirty water of a series of global “cyber attack operations” on China, unreasonably accusing China. China conducts cyber espionage activities around the world. This “extraordinarily broad alliance of nations” is not a collusive political manipulation, so what would it be?

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Funny Norway, when you “play slander”, the open-minded China chooses to use cooperation instead of care. The Chinese Embassy in Norway issued a statement: “China is willing to cooperate with all parties on the basis of respecting facts, investigate and deal with cybersecurity violations in accordance with the law, and jointly combat cybersecurity violations.” The international community is working hand in hand to create a good cyberspace.” Such an attitude is enough to convince the world.

Original title: Cybersecurity requires international cooperation, and political manipulation is unpopular

(Source: China Net)


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