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“Dad, for two thousand days without you”: the letter from the children to Djalali, a scientist from the University of Novara sentenced to death in Iran

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“Dear dad, 2000 days have passed since your unjust arrest and in each of these 2000 days we have wished for your return”: this is how the letter begins. Ahmadreza Djalali’s children, Amitis and Ariou, 18 and 9 years old, wrote to their father detained since April 26, 2016 in Iranian prisons e sentenced to death with the accusation of espionage. Emergency medicine expert and researcher for the University of Eastern Piedmont, scientist with double Iranian and Swedish passports, he was sentenced to death in 2018 by a “revolutionary court” in Tehran at the end of a process that Amnesty International defines as “highly unfair”, complete with public confession on tv which, the academician explained in a video, “I was extorted”.

Iran, researcher Djalali speaks from prison: “That confession on TV was extorted from me”

According to the indictment, explains Amnesty, Djalali has had several meetings with the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, providing them with sensitive information on Italian military and nuclear sites and on two Iranian scientists who were later murdered. Djalali always has rejected these allegations, denouncing that they were a retaliation for his refusal to collaborate with the Iranian services to identify and collect information from the states of the European Union: “I am a scientist, not a spy”, he wrote from prison in 2017. Djalali is now being held in Evin prison, in increasingly poor health conditions. Time ago its execution is periodically announced and then postponed.

Iran, anxiety is growing for the researcher Djalali. The wife: “He will not be executed tomorrow”

To worsen Ahmadreza’s situation is added linability to talk to your family. In fact, for almost a year and a half he has been prevented from contacting his wife Vida and their two children, currently residing in Sweden, by telephone. On October 17, the scientist spent his two thousandth day after arrest in a prison in Iran. And the children sent him one poignant letter which is also an appeal, hoping that somehow it can get to him.

Iran, UN alarm for researcher Djalali: “One step away from death”

by Gabriella Colarusso

“Dear dad – they write – 2000 days have passed since your unjust arrest and each of these 2000 days we have longed for your return. Every birthday, Christmas and New Year, we hope you can spend the next one with us. The youngest of us was only four when you were arrested and every year he asks Santa to bring you back as his Christmas present. Two thousand days of suffering and injustice“.

Novara, 60 speeches for Djalali: marathon of young lawyers to save the researcher convicted in Iran

by Cristina Palazzo

“Not a day has passed – continues the letter – in which you have not been in our thoughts. We wonder why such an unfair fate should be destined for you, that you were not wrong and that you have always been a model for us. But we remain confident. We admire how you endured such hell for so long. We will not stop fighting for your liberation, to make you feel once again a feeling of freedom. We continue to asking people to join our fight for your release, to do justice. We will not stop until you return home, with us, with your family and friends, and back into the scientific community, where you can continue to help others through your work and research ”.


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