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Danby Choi on Victoria Skau:

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Danby Choi on Victoria Skau:

FROGNERPARKEN (Se og Hør): – We’re a bit of an unlikely duo, laughs Victoria Skau (25).

She and “The Game” partner Danby Choi (30) are sitting at a table at Anne på Landet, the cafe in Frognerparken, with ice cream, coffee and Coke without sugar. Outdoors, must be mentioned, because the weather permits on this April day.

That’s why he broke down

They laugh loudly, talk into each other’s mouths and gesture.

Who would have thought that the influencer and much talked about editor would find the tone? Not them, anyway.

“Now we must stand together”

– The friendship only comes in small drops on the screen, says Skau further.

HURT: The stage is set for the big reveal when “Kjellerlaget” reveals to “Overetasjen” who voted out Anette Hoff in the first episode. The disclosure leads to major consequences. Reporter: Jonas Hammer/ Thea Hope. Video: Thea Hope/ Red Runner Show more

– It’s a bit frustrating, I think several reality contestants have thought about that, that there are some sides they wish we could see more of, which don’t come forward. For me, it’s the friendship between Victoria and me, and all our plans. Not everyone went through, but we had very good ideas, adds Choi.

KRONE ICE: Danby Choi and Victoria Skau kick-start spring with ice cream and soft drinks. Photo: Lars Eivind Bones / Dagbladet Show more

The friendship, which has not come across so clearly on TV, took shape already early in the season.

– It was probably on day two when Martine (Lunde, editor’s note) smoked, then Danby came running to me and just said: “My God, Martine smoked, now we have to stand together”, without me knowing that he had been involved to send her out, laughs Skau.

– Victoria can’t have any more friends, you see, only me, adds Choi with a sullen tone.

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– Nobody gets enough

The time for ideas was not only in “The Game”. This week the duo released the first episode of their brand new podcast “The Tactician”which will be about precisely the TV production they are a part of.

– We noticed that many people wanted a podcast about “The Game”, and we know a lot that didn’t make it onto the screen. For now we will talk about the remaining episodes and see the response, but so far there has been a very good response. No one can get enough of “The Game,” says Choi.

Explains detail: – A principle

In a reality show, you have to trust those around you, even though you may not dare. But even though Choi has played in a way that, among other things, caused Vidar Magnussen (46) to refuse to compete with him, Skau had no doubt that Choi was not lying to her.

PODCAST: The duo realized that viewers apparently can’t get enough of the TV show they’re a part of. That’s why they made a podcast where they will talk about what doesn’t come out. Photo: Lars Eivind Bones / Dagbladet Show more

– When the surprises came, like I was the one who voted Anette out (Hoff, editor’s note), then you were like “okay, a surprise, but I’m screwing up”. It was never against you, says Choi addressing the fellow participant.

– Our conversations flow well, we have a good dynamic, and we can laugh at each other, also at things the other does, we simply have a lot of fun.

Skau nods.

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– I feel we have a lot in common, we have many fundamentally similar values ​​and attitudes, she says and continues:

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– In “The Game” I played much harder than it looks, I appear dramatic and a bit naive, but it was a game on my part. I think that’s how we found each other on the inside, we had a vision of not being ourselves. There are several situations where everything is put on you and you are the one who has done it, but then there is something we have discussed, but it does not come out, she grins at Choi.

– So he actually took the credit? Or, the blow?

– Yes!, she laughs.

Choi laughs at the claim, and says that they both never felt completely secure in their alliance, and therefore held each other, and their “secret” collaboration, in high esteem.

– A form of “bullying”

– As outcasts, the cooperation becomes stronger, and then the feelings for each other also become stronger. I have become very fond of Victoria, says Choi.

– I think we came out of it so well because we found each other in there.

Don’t come on TV

In episode eight, Choi stood alone in the battle against the basement team, after the rest of his own team withdrew from competing after his tactics were revealed to the contestants.

FROGNERPARKEN: If you walk in Frognerparken without stopping in front of Sinnataggen, have you actually been to Frognerparken? Photo: Lars Eivind Bones / Dagbladet Show more

He emerged victorious from it.

– This didn’t make it on TV, but I’m not that humble, he says and laughs a little at himself.

– Would do things differently

– I have struggled with that all my life, never been particularly humble. So – right after I win and take my arms out and clap for my soul, I say: “I could have gone much further”, but then Line says (Andersen, editor’s note): “No, Danby, now you must be humble”. It was a completely unnecessary comment from me, he says.

– Many have misunderstood me

It’s no secret that recently there has been a storm around Choi, after it became known that he will give a speech on 17 May, which has both engaged and provoked around the country.

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BUBBLE: The basement players in “The Game” were actually supposed to live in worse conditions. One of the participants refused. view more

Choi himself says that he is doing well.

– I think this has gone really well, me. Or, it was nice to be told where I really stand, because there are many people who have misunderstood me, I have experienced that it has been for a long time, so it is nice to clear it up sometimes, he says.

SINNATAGGEN: – I’m not really an angry person then, laughed Choi before posing in front of Sinnataggen. Photo: Lars Eivind Bones / Dagbladet Show more

When asked how it feels to stand in this, he replies:

– I can drag it back to “The Game” again, because in episode eight I feel very misunderstood. After all, I’ve only played a game, within the rules, and I feel many of the “cellar rats” feel much better than me, but I don’t think it’s ethical to vote blank, I think you’re putting your own friend in danger to do so .

He takes a breath and continues:

– Constant paranoia and fear

– But that’s how I feel that very many parts of my life have been, that very many consider that not my one hundred percent approval means that I am against it.

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