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Daniel Noboa plans to build prisons with “the same people” who worked with Bukele

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Daniel Noboa plans to build prisons with “the same people” who worked with Bukele

President Daniel Noboa Plans to Build Maximum Security Prisons in Ecuador
President Daniel Noboa has revealed details of his plan to intervene in the prison system in Ecuador. The plan includes the construction of maximum security prisons to isolate the most dangerous prisoners, a critical point in terms of security that the president is facing. Additionally, while the construction of the prisons is carried out, the idea is to transfer inmates to prison barges.

Noboa announced that the maximum security prison project will be carried out with the same people and companies that Nayib Bukele worked with in El Salvador for his megaprison. The megaprison, called the Terrorism Confinement Center, was built to house 40,000 gang members convicted under an emergency regime. The center has been described as the largest prison in Latin America and was inaugurated in February 2023 by the government of President Nayib Bukele.

The president also explained that this project requires Israeli cooperation in the design of maximum security prisons, known as “supermax”, and the segmentation of minor crimes and contraventions. He emphasized that the system is not something that Bukele invented, as similar systems have been implemented in other countries such as Thailand and Singapore.

The implementation of prison barges, according to the president, is a complementary and provisional measure to segment and isolate highly dangerous prisoners until the government builds maximum security prisons. The Executive is already working to obtain the barges and has identified three options to bring to the country: one in Australia, another in the United Kingdom, and the third in the United States.

Noboa emphasized the need to intervene primarily in the Litoral Penitentiary, which is the central problem of the prison crisis. He highlighted the importance of starting with the basics, such as removing plugs from the cells to prevent gang leaders from charging their cell phones. The president expressed that this intervention is more than just technology; it is about reforming the administrative structure of the prison.

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