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Danina Jeftić Montevideo what the day looks like | Entertainment

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Danina Jeftić Montevideo what the day looks like |  Entertainment

Danina Jeftić started her acting career in the series “Money or Life”, but her role in the movie “Montevideo, Bog te video” soared her among the stars.

Source: ATA Images / Antonio Ahel

ActressDanina Jeftić she charmed the men in “Montevideo” as Rosa, and we all cheered for her love with Tirquet, who he played Miloš Biković. However, the life story of this actress took an unusual course, and Danina disappeared from the small screens…

Danina was born in 1986 in Sarajevo, but grew up in Australia, where she moved because of the war. As she once admitted when she learned that Dragan Bjelogrlić had chosen her for the role of the beautiful Rosa, her happiness was endless – “I screamed with happiness for ten minutes when Bjela informed me that I got the role in ‘Montevideo’. I was overjoyed to be part of that team and today I feel proud about it”.

In 2013, Danina decided to retire from acting because she wanted to start a familyand in the same year in the church of St. Mark in Belgrade she said the fateful yes to the manager and businessman Aleksandar Kukanjec. They soon had a son, Maxim, and when the baby was eight months old, the married couple packed their bags and moved to Australia. Two years later, they had a civil wedding in Sydney, and soon Danin packed her bags and returned to Belgrade with her son Maksim. Only twelve months after the civil wedding, Danina and Aleksandar divorced. Today, she is a single mother who gets the most help from her parents. The divorce, as the media reported at the time, was difficult.

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“My son has grown up now, he goes to kindergarten and has his own world, so I think it’s time to return to work in full glory, if only the right roles will happen. I also believe that they will because with me everything happens spontaneously and just when it should. At least that’s how it was until now,” Danina said then.

Aleksandar Kukanjac, producer and manager, became known to the public as the boyfriend of singer Aleksandra Radović. The two were together at the very beginning of her singing career, and it is said that he was her greatest love. Allegedly, the singer dedicated several of her songs to him because their love was great and sincere. However, after breaking up with each other, he went his own way.

Source: Instagram/alexandradovic

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