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Dax procession in Milan, over 4,000 anarchists and antagonists. Shattered shop windows and shelters, smeared walls

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Dax procession in Milan, over 4,000 anarchists and antagonists.  Shattered shop windows and shelters, smeared walls

It was not the dreaded Black Saturday. Merit of the impressive deployment of police forces, carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza, for a procession of at least 4 thousand people with damage, but without accidents or scenes of devastation. But I also deserve more. A sort of “internal management” with the antagonists and militants of the social centers who keep the most violent fringes of the square at bay. The anarchists, a hundred or so, are unable to take the lead of the procession and perhaps they don’t even try. Because the others are very careful not to concede the scene.

No banners for Alfredo Cospito, the founder of the informal anarchist federation al 41bis, only a couple of banners against the hard prison and the group of “Milanese” at the back of the procession. Other anarchists scatter, some leaving from Piazzale Loreto “dress” in black kway and rain pants, a sort of uniform for the black block, but they find no other followers. The actions are “limited” to a storm of writing on the walls (here yes with name and surname of Cospito), two ATM shelters destroyed, a car damaged in via Cambini. In the finale, when the procession turns from via Cesana towards the occupied building in via Oropafirecrackers and bottles are launched towards the police vehicles and carabinieri lined up in viale Palmanova, but there are no injuries or charges.

A “positive” balance they say at the end of the evening in via Fatebenefratelli where the commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi followed the two demonstrations step by step (at the same time there was that of the frainbow families in piazza Scala) with the heads of the Carabinieri, the local police and the Guardia di Finanza. The damage of the soiling remains (and there are many) and also a dozen murals created by the militants of the social centers along the route.

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One, about thirty meters, in during square on the perimeter wall of the headquarters of the Fineco bank. When the smoke bombs are lit to cover the action of the writers, there is also a launch of eggs filled with red paint against the facade and windows of the institute. A scene that is repeated several times, that of smoke bombs and graffiti, even on the headquarters of the Cam and the registry office in via Padova. And in via Leoncavallo where an old Carige branch is targeted by the launch of paint. The greatest damage was in via Esterle where the offices of the Iccrea cooperative bank are located: writing everywhere and the entrance windows smashed.

However, the preferred targets of the “antifa” are the real estate agencies: all those encountered along the way – piazzale Loreto, via Andrea Costa, via Leoncavallo, via Chavez, via Padova, via Esterle, via Cambini, viale Palmanova – are “sanctioned” with sprays and paints. “We are not in the centre, poor people live here!” A woman shouts towards the procession after seeing some boys writing on the facade of her building. Her protest falls on deaf ears. The procession continues slowly up to via Oropa, where the event most awaited by the organizers is held from eight in the evening: the concert for the twentieth anniversary of the Dax murder with music, bands, singers and DJs going on all night long. With all due respect to the residents. An essential appointment because it will serve to raise funds for the self-financing of the anti-fascist movement. Also for this reason the antagonists have tried to “keep” – complete with order service – the procession without drifting. All this even in a rather tense climate, with photographers and TV operators removed from the demonstration with insults and threats and “accepted” only beyond the first line of police and carabinieri. Attendance from all over Italy and beyond: militants of the anti-fascist and anti-capitalist movement from Spain, France, Germany. Such a well-attended procession has not been seen since the No Expo devastation of May 1, 2015. The risks were there, the numbers too. But the script was different.

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