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Day for the victims of Covid, the ceremony in Bergamo. Mattarella: “Gratitude to those who fought against the virus”

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Day for the victims of Covid, the ceremony in Bergamo.  Mattarella: “Gratitude to those who fought against the virus”

Exactly three years have passed since, on March 18, 2020, military trucks carried away the coffins of the dead from the coronavirus. Prime Minister Meloni in a note: “Italy has paid a very high price, thanks to those who have not surrendered to the emergency”

Exactly three years have passed since, on March 18, 2020, i military trucks they took them away bare from Bergamo. On the occasion of the national day for the victims of the Covid, the city remembers those tragic days. The ceremony began with the laying of a wreath of yellow and red flowers in front of the tombstone of the monumental cemetery and with the reading of the prayer that Ernesto Oliver, the founder of the Youth Missionary Service, dedicated to those who died of the coronavirus. Present the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto and the Minister of Health Horace Tell ustogether with the regional councilor for Welfare Guido Bertolaso and to the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori. The commemorations then continued in the Martino Lutero alla Trucca park for the inauguration of the Forest of memory.

“On this Day I renew feelings of participation in the ache of the families of the victims and at the same time I express gratitude to those who have helped to contain such a serious danger, sudden e pervasivesuch as to jeopardize global public health“, wrote the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarellaon the occasion of the national day. “The effort made to avoid the consequences of pandemic – not yet fully eradicated – constitutes a patrimony of fundamental values ​​to be preserved in order to be able to cope with every challenge international in scope,” added Mattarella. Who then recalled: “The March 18, 2020 remains in memory as one of most dramatic moments of the history of the Republic. A threat of level globalwith unknown characteristics, which has affected every country, prompting, even at an international level, institutional actions and scientific initiatives of emergency intervention, activating health protection systems and arousing feelings of widespread solidarity“.

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In a note, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni also wanted to dedicate her thoughts “to all those who, amid a thousand difficulties, they did not surrender to the emergency and have enabled our productive fabric to hold up e stay vitale. Italy paid a very high price and the path to completely overcome the negative consequences – from a health, social and economic point of view – of the pandemic crisis it is not finished yet. However, the road has been traced and Italy, we are sure, will be able to win this challenge too“. “Today Italy honors e pays homage to the victims of Covid and once again clings to their families and loved ones. The nation has faced one of the periods more difficult of its history. More than three years ago the coronavirus came into our lives and has them upsetbut the Italian people did not let themselves be discouraged and found the strength to react“, reads the opening words of the Prime Minister’s message. “Our thanksgiving goes to all fellow countrymen who have given themselves to the next with spirit of sacrificehumanity and professionalism and thus allowed Italy to overcome the most acute phases of the pandemic. I am thinking, for example, of the admirable self-sacrifice of the personal sanitaryto the extraordinary contribution of the institutions of social solidarity and to the great sense of responsibility of the workers of the services essential which guaranteed the fundamental activities”, concluded Meloni.

“With cautious optimism, let’s start looking to the future and leave it there pandemic now at shoulders“, said the Minister of Health instead Tell us in Bergamo. “We are busy healing the wounds inflicted by the coronavirus to make more resilient il National Health Service and overcome still existing inequalities”, he added, emphasizing the importance of investing in personnel and in the healthcare territorial. If there is one thing that Covid has taught it is that “health must be protected”, said Schillaci speaking at the inauguration of the Bosco della Memoria. “The reform of local medicine is central to the recovery and resilience plan, with an investment of 7 billion; Mission 6 also plans to make the measures taken in an emergency structural by equipping the health service – he added – with 3,500 intensive care beds and 4,225 semi-intensive care beds. As of January 31, 2023, they have been accomplished over 40% of programmed ICU beds”.

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