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Dazn introduces new subscription – customers react in shock

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Dazn introduces new subscription – customers react in shock

Dazn presenter Laura Wontorra: The streaming provider is expanding its subscription offering. Image: IMAGO images/eu-images


Sports fans in Germany are used to a lot of suffering when it comes to streaming. Especially when it comes to football, the broadcasting rights have been scattered among numerous providers. If you want to watch all the games at home, you can’t avoid taking out multiple subscriptions.

The contributions to Dazn, Sky and Amazon can add up to three-digit monthly amounts. As a result, the popular sport of football is becoming more and more elitist, and many loyal fans feel offended. Not only are streaming costs rising, jerseys and tickets have also become more and more expensive over the years.

The Bundesliga broadcasting rights are shared by Sky and Dazn.Image: dpa / Harry Langer

Dazn currently holds the broadcast rights to the Friday and Sunday games of the Bundesliga. The streaming provider also shows the majority of the Champions League games, as well as the Spanish and Italian leagues. An annual subscription costs 29.99 euros per month; if you want the option of monthly cancellation, you pay 44.99 euros.

A further subscription model has now been added. However, this comes with a restriction that triggers angry reactions from customers.

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Dazn is launching a new football subscription

The new subscription from Dazn is called the Football Package and also costs 29.99 euros per month. You can use it to watch all football games to which Dazn has the rights. In contrast to the normal annual subscription, which has the same monthly price, with the football package you don’t have to pay the entire amount of around 360 euros at once, but instead pay 29.99 euros per month. However, you are still committed to Dazn for a year.

image: screenshot/dazn

The catch, however, is that only returning customers can book the new subscription. The football package is not listed at all on the website that lists Dazn subscriptions. You can only access it via a direct link. “Valid exclusively for returning customers,” it says. Dazn hopes to make it more palatable for subscribers who have left to return.

However, a closer look reveals that the monthly price of 29.99 euros is limited to one year. If you do not cancel in time, your membership will automatically be extended at a price of €34.99 per month. However, the contract can then be terminated with 30 days’ notice.

Dazn antagonizes users with a new subscription

However, many customers are anything but enthusiastic about the new offer. “You are so greedy… your new special offer can only be understood as a joke,” commented one Instagram user under a Dazn post for Valentine’s Day. “In Germany, fans have a payment limit and you have exceeded it by far… We are not English,” he adds, referring to the comparatively high streaming costs in Great Britain.

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Customers are also upset about Dazn on X, the former Twitter. “Dazn with a ‘new’ subscription only for former customers,” writes one annoyed person. The streaming provider “simply doesn’t understand anything about customer loyalty.”

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