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Dead fish on Ada Ciganlija | Info

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Dead fish on Ada Ciganlija |  Info

A huge dead fish on Ada Ciganlija disturbed the walkers.

Already A giant neman was seen in Adi Ciganlija a few days ago, which disturbed the walkers. The photos show a huge, dead fish on the shore. However, this kind of scene on Ada Ciganlija is not an unusual phenomenon, and JP “Ada Ciganlija” has previously advertised about similar cases, saying that the phenomenon dead fish on the shore something that happens regularly in a lake that is normally full of fish.

However, what is particularly chilling is the fact that this giant fish is covered in blood, and the question arises, is there something even bigger than it hiding in the water? Let us remind you that in this period last year, a huge dead fish also appeared floating on Ada Ciganlija, and later it was determined that it was a tostolobik fish.

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