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Dead person recovered after fire in Andermatt

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Dead person recovered after fire in Andermatt


After an apartment fire in Andermatt: missing person recovered dead from fire ruins

After the fire in Andermatt, the police recovered a dead person from the destroyed house. 22 people had to be evacuated.

The fire brigade is fighting the flames in Andermatt.

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The fire in an apartment building at Gotthardstrasse 61 in Andermatt claims one life. The Uri cantonal police were able to find a dead person in the fire at midday as part of the fire investigation. Police and public prosecutors currently assume that it is an 88-year-old man. He had previously been reported missing. The investigation into the identity of this person and the cause of death is ongoing in collaboration with the Zurich Institute of Forensic Medicine.

Some evacuees can return

According to the Uri cantonal police, the fire broke out early Thursday morning around 4 a.m. When the first emergency services arrived on site, part of the building was already fully ablaze. Two people had to be cared for by the emergency services of the Uri Cantonal Hospital because of suspected smoke poisoning and were then taken to the Cantonal Hospital. They were able to leave the hospital again. A total of 22 people had to be evacuated. They were initially able to be accommodated in the Andermatt municipality’s retirement and nursing home. The evacuees from the surrounding houses were able to return to them during the afternoon, as a spokesman for the Uri cantonal police said upon request. The people who lived in the fire property are being temporarily accommodated in other apartments by the municipality of Andermatt. For security reasons, the village center of Andermatt was closed until later in the afternoon. Traffic was diverted.

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Fire led to heavy smoke

The fire departments from Andermatt, Altdorf, Hospental and Realp with over 50 people were able to prevent the flames from spreading to surrounding buildings and quickly bring the fire under control. “The fire brigades were then able to let the fire burn down in a planned manner,” says Thorsten Imhof, commander of the Uri cantonal police PilatusToday. In addition to apartments, the building also has a hairdressing salon and a kiosk with an internet café. Upon request, the police were unable to say how many people were in the apartment when the fire broke out.

Thorsten Imhof, commander of the Uri cantonal police, in an interview.

Video: PilatusToday

Because of the very heavy smoke, not only residents of the affected building were evacuated, but also from neighboring buildings, explained police commander Imhof. The houses in the village center of Andermatt are close to each other. The fire brigade managed very well to contain the flames so that the fire could not spread to other houses.

The cause of the fire and the amount of property damage are the subject of investigations by the Uri cantonal police. According to Alertswiss, the federal warning app, the fire caused a strong, unpleasant smell and a lot of smoke. The population was asked not to go into the affected area, to turn off air conditioning and to close windows. In addition to the fire brigades, employees from the emergency services of the cantonal hospital, Rega, wastewater Uri, the police and Samaritans from Andermatt were also on duty.

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Fire brigades are fighting the flames in the house on Gotthardstrasse in Andermatt.

Image: Uri Cantonal Police (February 15, 2024)

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