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Deadline for modifying presidential candidacies has expired – El Nacional

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The deadline for modifying presidential candidacies in Venezuela has come to a close, with the National Electoral Council (CNE) receiving the resignation of Manuel Rosales. In response, the CNE has given a 72-hour extension for the replacement of candidates.

According to reports from various news outlets, including Runrunes and elsoldemargarita.com.ve, the CNE announced the extension to allow political parties more time to adjust their candidate selections for the upcoming election on June 28.

The Electoral Council of Venezuela’s decision to extend the deadline has been met with mixed reactions from the public and political analysts. Some believe that the extension will provide parties with additional flexibility in choosing their candidates, while others argue that it could create further confusion and delay the electoral process.

As the deadline for modifying applications has been extended, political parties and candidates will now have until the new deadline to make any necessary changes to their presidential candidacies. The Associated Press is monitoring the situation closely and will provide updates as the story develops.

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