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Deadly Knife Attack Near Eiffel Tower in Paris Leaves 1 Dead and 2 Injured

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Knife Attack in Paris Leaves 1 Dead and 2 Injured – Xinhuanet

Xinhua News Agency, Paris, December 2 (Reporter Tang Ji) French Interior Minister Darmanin announced on social media on the 2nd that a knife attack occurred in Paris that night, resulting in one death and two injuries. The attacker has been arrested.

According to French news information station BFMTV, citing police sources, the attack occurred on a bridge near the Eiffel Tower in the 16th arrondissement of central Paris. The attacker was a 26-year-old French man who was listed in an “S” surveillance file, a list of people who pose a potential threat to national security. He first attacked a couple with a knife. The man who was attacked was a German tourist born in the Philippines. Unfortunately, he died. The victim’s wife was not injured. The attacker then continued to attack passers-by, injuring two people.

French President Macron, who was on a foreign trip, had a phone call with Darmanin on the plane to assess the situation. Darmanin rushed to the scene of the attack that night. In an interview with French media, he said that the attacker was arrested in 2016 for attempting to carry out an attack and was sentenced to four years in prison. This person suffers from severe mental illness and is receiving treatment.

According to media reports, France’s National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation into the attack. French Prime Minister Borne posted on social media that night that France would never surrender in the face of terrorism.

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