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Decathlon in Calais no longer sells canoes: migrants used them to cross the Channel

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The French group Decathlon will no longer offer canoes in its stores in Calais and Grande-Synthe, in the north of the country, to prevent migrants from using them to cross the Channel: the small boats can still be purchased online and in other shops in the country. multinational of sport. It was reported on Guardian.

France and the UK quarrel over the fate of migrants in Calais

by our correspondent Anais Ginori

“The purchase of canoes will no longer be possible” in the Decathlon stores in Calais and Grande-Synthe, near Dunkirk, “given the current context”, the group said: these items were not used for their original sporting purpose. but “they could be used to cross the Channel” and in these cases “people’s lives would be in danger”.

Great Britain, new techniques at sea to push back migrants in the Channel. Protest France

by Enrico Franceschini

Yesterday alone, hundreds of migrants crossed the Channel, including about sixty who arrived in the afternoon on Dungeness beach, about thirty kilometers southwest of Folkestone. On Friday three migrants were found missing after attempting the crossing by canoe, while the day before two canoes were found adrift off the coast of Calais and two migrants were rescued at sea.

According to the UK’s Home Office, a record 1,185 people landed in southern England on small boats last Thursday compared to 853 in the previous record set earlier this month.

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