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Dejan Matić the beginning of his career | Fun

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Dejan Matić the beginning of his career |  Fun

Dejan Matić revealed that at the beginning of his career, he pushed for his place in the entertainment industry.

Izvor: TV Pink / screenshot

Brothers Saša and Dejan Matić have been on the pop scene for more than two decades, and today both of them can boast careers that everyone would envy.

It was Dejan who spoke openly about his beginnings, and admitted that he had to fight for his place on the stage, and he was helped by the advice of older and more experienced musicians, and he will remember one in particular.

“When I first entered the studio, I got advice from my friend and collaborator Dragan Bosanac, who told me that people have to trust me in what I sing, and that’s one of the pieces of advice that I really accepted,” Dejan once told Grand, and then revealed which of his songs is autobiographical.

Izvor: TV Pink / screenshot

“One of the songs was written at that time, when my wife was pregnant for the first time, ‘Ona je moja’ and it all came together and it is my autobiography,” explained the singer.

See what Dejan’s wife looks like:

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