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Deñe “In the Shadows of Isladen” album review (2023)

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Deñe “In the Shadows of Isladen” album review (2023)

DeñeAt the age of 14 he created his first song, “Azken agurra”, and he hasn’t stopped since. He has had a close connection with music since he was a child. The black-and-white keys inspired him to play, sing and create melodies, and by the time he finished his guitar and singing courses, he knew he wanted to live surrounded by music.

This is the result that he has just published “In the Shadows of the Mirrors” The EP It consists of five vulnerable songs. Among them is the “Last Farewell” that started it all. At the first listen, pleasant pop music dominates, but if you listen more, you will immediately notice that the young man from Gipuzkoa has something more to offer than pleasant melodies. It is obvious that he has paid special attention to the lyrics, as the absorbing pop rhythms are contrasted by dark reflections; The song “La vida es bella” is an example of this. Shadows and lights appear constantly throughout the album, in its best sense. Being the first EP, its references (Olatz Salvador, Izaro) are still too prominent, and I missed a little more variety between the songs; but at the same time, he offers some glimpses of the unique soloist he could become, how else can you explain the song “Zu” that immediately sticks in your brain after hearing it?

I would say that this imbalance, instead of something pessimistic, is positive. Because we are facing an interesting artist who can only grow and is sure to offer us many joys in the future.

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