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Denmark invites Russian operator of “North Stream” to participate in the salvage of suspicious underwater objects – Xinhua English.news.cn

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Denmark invites “North Stream” Russian operator to participate in the salvage of underwater suspicious objects. Russia welcomes it

Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, March 25 (Reporter Hua Di) According to Russian media reports on the 24th, after Denmark invited the Russian operator of the “Beixi-2” natural gas pipeline to participate in the salvage of suspicious underwater objects, Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov This is welcome.

The Russian media quoted Peskov as saying, “It is good news that the pipeline owner is invited to participate in important actions under the framework of the investigation.” The investigation should be open and transparent, including participation of all relevant countries. He said it was vital to establish what the object was and whether it was linked to a “terrorist attack” after it was found near a pipe joint.

The Danish Energy Agency issued a press release on the evening of the 23rd, stating that the Danish side discovered a suspicious object next to the “Beixi-2” natural gas pipeline located in the country’s exclusive economic zone. According to the pictures provided by the Danish Ministry of Defense, the object is cylindrical, about 40 centimeters high and about 10 centimeters in diameter. The Danish Energy Agency initially judged that it may be a sea smoke buoy.

According to the press release, the relevant Danish authorities assessed that the object did not pose a direct safety risk. In order to further clarify the nature of the object, the Danish authorities decided to salvage the object with the assistance of the Danish Ministry of Defense. At the same time, the Danish Energy Agency has invited the second-line company of the Beixi gas pipeline, which is responsible for the operation of “Beixi-2”, to participate in this operation, and will start salvage operations after receiving a reply.

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According to a report from the Danish Energy Agency quoted by the TASS news agency, the Beixi Gas Pipeline Second Line Company notified the Danish Energy Agency on the 24th that it accepted the invitation to participate in the salvage. The company’s press bureau said it was waiting for the Danish Energy Agency’s action plan on salvage.

In September 2022, the “North Stream” pipeline that transports natural gas from Russia to Europe via the Baltic Sea suffered an explosion. All parties generally believe that this incident was “deliberate sabotage.” Russia has repeatedly called for a joint investigation, but Western countries have rejected it. On February 8, 2023, Seymour Hersh, a well-known American investigative reporter, broke the news that the “Beixi” pipeline system was secretly sabotaged by US intelligence agencies and US military personnel. The U.S. government denies this. (Participating reporter: Lin Jing)

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