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Dennis Vareide reveals violations

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Dennis Vareide reveals violations

Youtube profile Dennis Vareide (33) reveals that it is over between him and his girlfriend Gro.

He writes that Instagrams history function.

– Hello, I have (yet) a nasty message to deliver. Gro and I broke up a while ago and are no longer lovers.

– We will, of course, work together and ensure that our daughter has as nice and good upbringing as possible with both her mother and father.

The YouTuber hints at “(another) nasty message”, after he said in December that he had gone bankrupt.

Vareide also posted the following post on Instagram, where he writes that he is “quite done with bad news now”.

– Then it’s just work and being a dad for the rest of the year now.

In 2021, Vareide could confirm to Good Evening Norway that he had found happiness again with Gro.

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