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Denver made a trade during the NBA Finals | Sports

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Denver made a trade during the NBA Finals |  Sports

A completely unbelievable situation as the team leading in the NBA Finals is trading picks for the upcoming drafts.

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The best basketball player in the world, Nikola Jokic, is leading his Denver Nuggets to the first title in the history of this NBA franchise, and while he is fighting for a ring against the Miami Heat, the leaders are doing a different job. The team from Colorado does not leave anything to chance, so they have already started building the team for the following seasons – they want Denver to be competitive in the years to come, so they trade during the finals!

A completely unbelievable situation, because you’ve probably never heard of someone trading and completing transfers during the NBA Finals. But the Denver Nuggets decided to take that step with the Oklahoma City Thunder, who are known to be a treasure trove of picks for the upcoming seasons. they traded four future NBA players. Denver got three, which they will probably send somewhere else soon, while Oklahoma got a pick that will only reach the NBA in six years!

What Denver gets in the trade:

  • Oklahoma’s worst first-round pick in the 2024 draft
  • 37th pick from the 2023 draft
  • 2024 second round draft pick

What Oklahoma gets in the trade:

  • A guaranteed first-round pick in 2029

Although this trade does not directly affect the season that the Denver Nuggets are coming to an end, it is clear what the people at the top of the franchise wanted to do. This situation gives the Colorado team a little more freedom to improve their negotiating position during the summermake several new trades and thus strengthen the team or sign “cheap” contracts with players who have been in the league for a long time.

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This would mean that the Denver Nuggets plan to fight for the very top of the NBA next year as well – they have Nikola Jokić, who plays in spectacular form, and his most important teammates like Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr are still very young and can bring a lot to the franchise in the years to come. Thus, Jokic’s team will try to build on the foundation it already has during the summer and during the next season, in another attack on the NBA title!

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