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Despite a pitiful penalty and a slapstick own goal: Chelsea defeats Leicester

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Despite a pitiful penalty and a slapstick own goal: Chelsea defeats Leicester

Chelsea thought they were already on track against second division Leicester, but made life difficult for themselves with a penalty miss and an own goal that was difficult to explain. In the end, the Jokers did it for the Blues.

Nothing good was in store for him: unlucky Disasi (right) after his fatal return game. IMAGO/PA Images

Even though Leicester only scored four points from the last three games and had to do without top scorer Jamie Vardy due to injury, Chelsea coach Maurizio Pochettino took the task against the second division leaders seriously. Rotation? None. Only Sanchez was allowed to replace Petrovic in goal, and the suspended Enzo Fernandez had to be replaced: Mudryk was in the starting line-up.

Everything initially went according to plan for the Blues. In the 7th minute, Dewsbury-Hall almost scored an own goal, the ball hitting the outside post in a high arc over keeper Stolarczyk. Just six minutes later, the ball was fidgeting in the net: Jackson made former Bundesliga player Vestergaard look old in the duel and passed it across to Cucurella, who pushed the ball over the line.

Leicester were not without chances (including Daka’s header just wide in the 25th minute), but they were sometimes overwhelmed in defense. Just a minute later, Fatawu went extremely clumsily into a duel with Sterling, a clear penalty. Sterling stepped up himself and scored a penalty to forget about. Powerless, half-left, flat – Stolarczyk even parried with his knee because he had already flown much further into the corner.

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Shortly before the break, Sterling showed his class. The attacker broke through to the left and fed Palmer in the middle, who didn’t miss the chance – 2-0. The game seemed already decided at halftime.

Disasi’s inexplicable lapse

But then came the 51st minute, which everyone will remember for a long time. Disasi had to reverse after an inaccurate throw-in from Gusto and was chased by Daka. The Frenchman wanted to pass the ball back to Sanchez from the right side with his left – which failed completely. Instead, he shot it from around 30 meters with his left hand, well past the keeper and into his own goal.

Leicester were back in the game and the Foxes actually managed to equalize after a strong individual effort. Mavididi danced past Gusto with a few step-overs on the left and sent the ball into the far corner (62′). But eleven minutes later the crucial point came to the disadvantage of the outsider. Jackson broke through and Doyle fouled him on the edge of the box. Instead of a yellow and a penalty, after VAR intervened, there was a free kick and a red. By the way: Sterling then hit the free kick from 16 meters so far over and next to the goal that a mixture of murmurs and laughter echoed through the stadium.

Satisfaction for Pochettino after the boos

Immediately afterwards, Pochettino took the eye-catching Mudryk off the field for Chukwuemeka and was met with boos. But the measure was to be fruitful: the now highly superior Blues created chance after chance before Chukwuemeka broke the spell in the 92nd minute after a one-two with Palmer. Another joker, Madueke, scored shortly before the final whistle to make the final score 4-2.

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The Blues are now the third semi-finalist after second division Coventry and Manchester City. The final participant will be determined in the game between Manchester United and Liverpool, which will take place on Sunday at 4.30 p.m.

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