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Details of the accident on the Danube | Info

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Details of the accident on the Danube |  Info

There were four people on the boat that overturned in the Danube.

Source: Mondo

A boat with four people overturned last night around 10:30 pm on the Danube, and only one of them managed to swim ashore, while three are missing. KM (37), according to eyewitnesses, was scratched and muddy when he reached for a nearby bush and asked for help.

“He floated up and out of the river at the height of Krnjača on the left bank of the Danube. He wandered through the bushes over the embankment, saw the light of the houses, came to the first houses, scratched, muddy and reported the accident”says the eyewitness.

The accident most likely happened due to strong currents and large waves on the Danube. The river police are looking for three missing persons who did not swim ashore: MM (37), TN (35), N. M (36).


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