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Deutsche Telekom lights ‘A Light against Online Hate’

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Deutsche Telekom lights ‘A Light against Online Hate’

A New Campaign Illuminates the Fight Against Hate, Racism and Anti-Semitism

In a time when democratic values ​​have been put to the test, Deutsche Telekom launch a new campaign “Light on! Against hate on the internet” (Light On! Against Online Hate), to fight hatred, racism and anti-Semitism. The campaign highlights the importance of defending democratic values ​​and the appeal for solidarity and community strength.

Ulrich KlenkeChief Brand Officer of Deutsche Telekom, says: “The defense of democratic values ​​and the commitment to a tolerant society are more important today than ever. With our new campaign we show how the power of light can chase away hatred. The light symbolizes that each of us can actively stand up against hatred, racism and anti-Semitism – online and even on the streets, as is happening everywhere.”

Fighting Hate and Defamation

The “Licht An!” campaign will be broadcast on TV, online and in cinemas from 1 February 2024, reinforcing Deutsche Telekom’s commitment against online hate. For several years, the company has raised awareness among people, encouraging them to stand up against hate speech and defend democratic values ​​online. In this effort, Deutsche Telekom collaborated with partners such as HateAid, #ichbinhier, das NETTZ, correctiv and many others.

“Living the principle of ‘Responsibility’ is written in our corporate strategy. We support diversity, equity and participation. The ‘Licht An!’ campaign strengthens our long-standing commitment against online hate and sends a clear signal in favor of defending democratic values, which are increasingly challenged these days,” explains Melanie Kubin-HardewigHead of Corporate Responsibility at Deutsche Telekom.

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The Strength of the Community

At the heart of the new campaign is an emotional film that shows how hate from messaging services and online comments emerges from the darkness and stealthily penetrates everyday life. Walls of buildings symbolically marked by real defamations and insults, shocking phrases that worry and make you lose your sense of security. However, as more and more people turn on the light, the hateful comments are eclipsed by the positive light. Through the unity of people, hatred disappears into darkness.

“Light on!” shows that even small actions can accomplish big things. The campaign highlights the strength of the community and highlights how important it is for as many people as possible to get involved.

Encourage everyone to pay attention and take active action. Music specially composed for the film further intensifies the message, with lyrics performed by Ibadet Ramadani. The singer, who grew up in Germany and Kosovo, gives the song a sociopolitical dimension with her powerful words.

“With our campaign we show once again that Deutsche Telekom clearly opposes all forms of exclusion, hatred, incitement and discrimination”he declares Christian HahnHead of Marketing and Communication Strategies at Deutsche Telekom. “We do not tolerate discrimination in any form, whether political, religious or socially motivated, or based on origin, nationality, social status or skin color.”

The campaign film will be broadcast widely and cross-media starting February 1, 2024, on TV, YouTube and in select cinemas. It is also available on Deutsche Telekom’s online and social media channels.

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Deutsche Telekom is committed to what unites people, supporting diversity and participation. The company openly and decisively rejects ideologies that divide and separate, positioning itself as a defender of the values ​​that connect people, societies and cultures.

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