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Development of the situation in Russia and Ukraine: Attack on Odessa Port in Ukraine US Congress Delegation Visits Ukraine_US Congress Delegation Visits Kyiv, Ukraine_Russia_Zaporizhia

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Original title: Development of the situation in Russia and Ukraine: Ukraine’s Odessa port was attacked, the US congressional delegation visited Ukraine

Developments in Russia and Ukraine: Attack on Ukrainian Odessa Port U.S. Congressional Delegation Visits Ukraine

Source: China News Network

Comprehensive news: On the 23rd local time, a missile attacked the Ukrainian port of Odessa. Relevant institutions in Kherson and Zaporozhye regions are all working on the formation of electoral committees for the referendum and other matters. On the 23rd local time, a high-level delegation from the U.S. Congress met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Compared with 2019, the number of Russian tourists to Europe has dropped sharply.

Odessa port attacked

According to Agence France-Presse and other media reports, on the 23rd local time, a missile attacked the port of Odessa, Ukraine. Ukraine’s military said Ukrainian air defenses shot down two cruise missiles, but two other missiles hit the port of Odessa.

Representatives of Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and the United Nations held an agreement signing ceremony in Istanbul on the 22nd on the issue of exporting agricultural products from Black Sea ports. Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Kubrakov and Russian Defense Minister Shoigu signed relevant documents with the United Nations and Turkey respectively.

Agence France-Presse quoted a spokesman for Ukraine’s foreign ministry as saying the attack was “a blow to the head” of the deal. According to the BBC, Zelensky considered the attack “barbaric” and Ukraine wanted to do everything possible to acquire air defense systems capable of shooting down such missiles in the future.

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Russia’s TASS news agency quoted U.S. Secretary of State Blinken as saying on the 24th that the United States strongly condemned the attack on the port of Odessa and held Russia responsible for it. Russia has “deprived Ukraine of economic vitality and the world without food supplies.”

The Russian Satellite News Agency pointed out in the report that Blinken is accusing Russia of involvement in this matter without evidence. He accused Russia of trying to deprive Ukraine of its “economic dynamism” without providing any evidence to support his claims.

Kherson and Zaporozhye set to form electoral committee

The Russian Satellite News Agency reported on the 23rd that in the past 160 days since the tension in Donetsk, the Ukrainian army fired a total of 53,000 rounds of ammunition of various calibers, killing 262 civilians and injuring 2,728.

According to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 24th, the “Administrative Agency Press Office” of the Kherson region released a message saying that the Kherson region formed an electoral committee for the conduct of elections and referendums. The electoral committee consists of seven members for a three-year term.

The executive body stressed that the state of Kherson has every right to express itself and decide with whom to continue building its future.

The head of the “administrative body” of Zaporozhye Oblast, Baritsky, said an order had been signed on preparations for a referendum to join Russia and the establishment of an electoral committee. Baritsky said on his social media account that a referendum on joining the Russian Federation will be held in the autumn, at the initiative of the residents of Zaporozhye region.

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Vladimir, member of the General Council of the “Military and Civil Administration” of the Zaporozhye region? Rogov recently told Russian media that the long-term deployment of Russian troops in Zaporozhye Oblast will serve as a security guarantee for the region to prevent foreign aggression attempts and Ukrainian nationalist terrorist tactics.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, during Russia’s special military operation, the Russian army controlled the area near the Sea of ​​Azov in the Zaporozhye state and the entire Kherson state. New administrations were formed in both regions, Russian television and radio broadcasts were broadcast, and trade links with Crimea were restored.

According to a report by the Ukrainian News Agency on the 24th, Zelensky said on his social media account that the war did not break Ukraine, and it will not break Ukraine in the future.

High-level U.S. Congressional Delegation Visits Ukraine

According to Reuters, a senior U.S. congressional delegation met with Zelensky in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on the 23rd local time and promised to work to ensure continued support for Ukraine.

The U.S. stands with Ukraine, along with allies and partners around the world, by providing economic, military and humanitarian assistance, the mission said in a statement.

Reuters pointed out in the report that the statement did not specifically mention the topic of arms transfers. According to the Ukrainian news agency, Adam Smith, chairman of the US House Armed Services Committee in the delegation, said that the United States is ready to provide Ukraine with as many “Haimas” multiple rocket launcher systems as possible.

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Zelensky thanked the U.S. for the recently announced security assistance in a post on his social media account. Ukraine, in particular, needs the Haimas MLRS, artillery shells and drones, he said.

Russian tourists to Europe plummet

The Russian Satellite News Agency quoted Maya, executive director of the Russian Travel Agency Association, on the 24th. The number of tourists to Europe from Russia has fallen from millions in 2019 to tens of thousands this year, Lomize said. Now, Russian tourists prefer to vacation in Turkey and Russia.

According to media reports, Ivan Abramov, deputy chairman of the Economic Policy Committee of the Russian Federation Council (upper house of parliament), said on the 23rd that the Russian central bank may cut interest rates several times during the year, and it is expected that the ruble exchange rate will gradually fall with interest rates. (Finish)

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