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Digital First, La Stampa online changes its appearance: big names, more readable texts and space for podcasts

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The house of our readers changes its appearance. So let’s imagine the new homepage de The print. A house in which it will be easier to move between the news of the day and the in-depth articles, with more space for the big names, with the possibility from tomorrow to listen to their voices. A home closer to the needs of readers.

“News must no longer be considered only with respect to the means through which we use it, print media or smartphones, but must be calibrated with respect to the interests of readers, at the time they have available”. An idea that comes from Jeff Jarvis, American journalist, lecturer and great media expert. A suggestion that we made ours because “interests” and “time” are key words in the digital path of our journalism.

What will be the main changes to our site that you will see online from tomorrow? Let’s start from the homepage. The subdivision by themes will allow you to easily find the news, scrolling the site or jumping from one section to another. At the top there will be a selection of the main events of the day, and then move on to thematic containers: from the magazine Mirror to sport, from news to foreign countries, then vertical channels, from Gusto at the Legs, from technology to travel. You will find the columns, the reports, the editorials clearly visible.

The new graphics will also cover individual items: larger photos when necessary, more readable text, a new, more elegant and modern font. A “house within a house” is also on the way: for our subscribers there will be a dedicated homepage with useful links.

Today information is in direct competition with everything that captures our attention, with the many contents that fill our little free time, from the latest TV series to the endless videos of Tik Tok: they are all windows that open in our days . This is where the importance of time comes into play. Starting with a detail: each article will have an indication of the minutes required for reading.

Taking time into consideration also means adapting content to needs. For this there will be a new audio section. In Italy, 14.5 million people claim to have listened to at least one podcast in the last year. There were 10.3 million in 2018. Growing numbers that tell of a new way of moving between information and entertainment. We can listen as we walk, as we prepare breakfast, on the bus going to work. A good antidote to the battle for attention. The new site will therefore have a space with a selection of audio articles, read by professional speakers, but there will also be audio columns. The voice of our signatures will be a fixed appointment to tell the world around us. And podcasts, serial narratives including the latest de production The print, «Vlora», on the ship that landed thirty years ago in Bari from Albania. «Interests» and «time» are also the synthesis of the new app which contains in a single digital place the newspaper to be browsed, the site, a selection of 10 news items and audio. To be easier to find, easier to read, closer to people.

THE NEWSI podcast

A section dedicated to audio arrives: more articles read by professional speakers and audio columns with the voices of our signatures.

The home of subscribers

The newspaper to browse in pdf format, the latest insights, columns, editorials. Everything at your fingertips for subscribed readers.

A more direct “home”

In the homepage divided by topics it will be easier to find the sections that interest us with the news grouped by themes.

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